Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Budget Camping Cot - Alps Mountaineering Cot - Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Alps Mountaineering Cot which is a budget friendly, good quality option for your outdoor/overland needs.

Link :

Cost : $64 at the time of filming on Amazon – Retail $80

Color : One Color – Gree

Weight : 11.5lbs

Features :

Lightweight and compactible
Green 600D polyester fabric
34" x 9" x 2" carry bag
Durable steel frame
Dimensions: 30" w x 74" l x 7.5" t
Weight: 9 lbs. 5 oz.
Weight capacity: 250 lb.


Review Pros

Rather simple to setup
Good quality
Has held up well for with my use
Lot profile means that it can be used in side of some tents.
Excellent for car/truck/overland camping
Carry bag is plenty big so you won’t have any frustrations there
The material has held up well to the last 3 months of use.  I weight 155 – 160 by the way and I can’t comment on heavier individuals and how the material will hold up.

Review Cons :

Support bars don’t lock into place solidly

Support bars can be a pain to remove

Not the quickest to put together; there are faster to setup options on the market such as the Go-Kot

Those with weak muscles may have issues with putting this cot together as you will have to use strength to  get the legs into place. Using your body weight to push the legs into place works nicely

While the quality is good, it’s not to the same level as the Go-kot for an example but it is far less expensive.

The legs don’t have any feet to protect your tent or whatever surface that you put it on; this is a feature that you will find in some higher end cots.

While the quality of mine is good, I have seen plenty of reports of poor quality when it comes to this product.  When you have something that is of a budget nature, it is often common for there to be some problems which may require you to send it back and get a replacement.  Defects are possible with anything but with budget gear, that will happen at a higher rate so keep that in mind.


All in all I like this Cot, the price is good, the one that I purchased and receive is of a good quality.  The design isn’t flat out terrible but it isn’t the best. It is heavy and I wouldn’t personally use it for backpacking.

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