Monday, August 12, 2019

That's a lot of Power! - Anker PowerHouse 200 - Review

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This is the Anker Powerhouse 200 and the question is, what do you need it for?

200 watt hour capacity!

2 - USB / 1- USB- C
1 -12 volt car output
1 - 110v AC output

Our review starts now!

Link :

Price : $350
Weight : 6lbs 1.5oz
Size : Roughly 7”L x 5.5”W X 4.7”T
This a battery bank / generator which is perfect for all sorts of situations.

200 watt hour capacity / which is 57,600 milliamps hours

3 input options :

·       USB / USB- C (60 total watts of power from the usb ports)
·       12 volt car output
·       110v AC output

Carry handle – Is excellent, comfortable and allows for you to easily grab and move the device when you need to

Grippy feet on the bottom

Issues :

We’ve had no issues with our testing of this device over the last 3 months.

Cold weather does have an impact upon this bank;

For an example, one morning with temps around 45F, the battery bank read 71% charger left. But a few hours later when the temps were in the 70’s, it stated that the remaining charge was 84%.

Time Usage :

Floor Fan : 6.5 hours

Charge my laptop : 3 times

Camera Batteries : one fully charged Powerhouse will charge my camera batteries 52 times!

My Samsung Phone : 14 times

Uses :

Emergency use
Overland use
Camping use
Cross country driving
Photography and video shoots

Review Pros :

Lots of power

Very portal – not all that heavy

Easy to use – right out of the box, it makes sense and you can use it.

Shows which ports are being used and battery percentage

Quick to charge

Some ports can be used at the same time; AC and USB or 12V and USB

Can charge the powerhouse while using the ports as long as you aren’t consuming more power than what it is getting from the wall.

Countless protection systems built-in including protection from overloading your gear, temp control, high-voltage, etc.

Review Cons :

Pricey – Compared to other similar products on the market, this one is more expensive.  On the flip side, you are getting a product from a company which has a strong background with quality and customer service and that alone is enough to justify the price.

AC and 12V can’t be used at the same time; I mention this as there may be a situation where you wish that you could run them at the same time but I haven’t been in that situation with my use.

Summary :

I have been looking for a product like this for a long time as I am one who happens to film a great deal of video and one of the biggest hurdles for me especially on week long road trips is power.  Power for my laptop so I can get work done and a way to charge my camera batteries.

Talking about filming, I rarely film indoors but when I do, I plug my studio light into this the powerhouse and I can easily move my light source and the battery bank as I move around without having to look for a plug; this saves me time.

Then of course, comes the overland aspect and this is an awesome option for that as well as you can charge a phone, run a fan, run lighting and so on all at the same time.

Not talking about youtube for a moment but with my full time job, I never get a day off so if I go on a trip, I still have to work and this allows for me to have the power to do just that.  With my cross country trips what you all don’t see in those is having to stop to powerup my laptop or the time that I had to work; this for me is a game changer and it really works well in that regards.

Another side to this product is emergency use and again, it works very well in that regards and Susan and I recently got to test this product out for that exact purpose.  There was an outage in our area which lasted roughly 12 hours and the Powerhouse kept us going throughout the night with lights, charging our devices and so on.

Anker is a leader when it comes to mobile power solutions and I have countless battery banks from them which are over 4 years old and continue to work flawlessly.

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  1. That would be an AWESOME product for "ham" radio operators when deployed into the field with a vehicle of some kind. Hand-held radio re-charging and operating, mobile radio operations (when set to medium or low power) plus a small area light and/or fan. "Ham" operators tend to be creative, problem-solving people, but especially with the newer folks, there have been times operators have drained their car battery while running a radio for hours. And during hot weather, it would be worth it just to power a small fan! :D Thanks for the review! :D