Friday, August 2, 2019

Perfect Summer Blanket? - Nemo Puffin Blanket Review

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This is my review of the Nemo Puffin Insulated Blanket!
Very light, very warm and also, versatile!

Link :

Price : $99 for the regular size ($150 for the luxury 2 p version)

Weight of Blanket : 2lbs 3oz

Weight with Storage bag : 2lbs 6z

I did notice a discrepancy when it comes to the weight of the Blanket when it comes to Nemo’s website and the information card which came attached to the storage bag.  The card states that it weighs 1lb 14oz and the site states 2lbs 3oz.  2lbs 3oz being accurate.

Colors : Numerous color options can be found depending on what year it was made.  Speaking of which, it was released around the end of 2014.

Packed Size
14 x 12 x 5”

Fill Weight
1 lb , 5 oz

57 x 85 in – Some sites such as amazon state the size being
Mossy / Fiddlehead and others

40D Nylon Micro-Ripstop with DWR

Stratofiber Synthetic Insulation


Review :

Temp Rating?  A product like this is going to be very hard to gage when it comes to a temp rating and that because it is a blanket.  With such a design it is difficult to trap heat and get an accurate rating.  With myself, I have used this blanket many times down to 40F by itself and was perfectly comfortable.  I sleep hot so keep that in mind; your mileage is going to vary!

Pros :

This is a summer time blanket, perfect for those nights where you want on leg out and one leg in.  Perfect for warm nights that turn into cool mornings.

You can even use it to add additional warmth to your winter time bag and the integrated footbox makes that especially easy to do.

Not constrictive!

Easy to wash

Good around moisture thanks to the synthetic insulation

Easy to vent

The foot box is awesome and if you don’t need it, undo it.

Good quality

Works very well inside of a hammock thanks to the foot pocket

Cons :

Pricey – not when compared to similar products like the Tech Blanket from Thermarest but very expensive when comparing it to other options like the military poncho liner…woobie blanket as they are also known as.  A woobie costs around $20 and are awesome for summer time use.

As far as cons go, that’s about it; it is pricey for what you are getting otherwise it is a good product for those whom don’t want a sleeping bag or traditional down quilt for summer use.

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