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Modern Deployment Bag - Force Protector Gear Deployer 75 Bag - Review

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This is one of modern day Deployment Bags being used by the Marines - Force Protector Gear Deployer 75 – FOAMTEC FOR75.

Link :

Price : $512

Used Price : While new these can be rather pricey, when purchased used surplus you can get these for around $150 or less.  In fact, I have three of these for overland use and not only do they work perfectly but I paid around $100 each for them.  Also, FPG has sells all the time on their web site and you can on occasion find some excellent prices.  For an example, at the time of filming I saw a version of this in a camo pattern for a little over $140 new.

Weight : 12lbs., (5.17kg) empty

Colors : Black Coyote Multicam and others

Versions : There are many versions of his pack including various sizes.  Some are collapsible and some are not!

Dimensions: 30” L x 14” W x 14” D, (76cm L x 35cm W x 35cm D)

Capacity: Over 5,880 Cubic Inches, (96) liters


1000D Cordura -  400D Cordura – Hypalon - Ballistic Nylon

360° FPG FOAMTECH Padding System

Polyester Mesh - High density Polymer

YKK Zippers - Military grade: Hardware, Binding Tapes, Hook and Loop, and Thread.


Patented 360° FPG FOAMTECH® Padding System

Stainless Steel Wheel Housings with replaceable ball bearing wheels

Wheel Housings and Extruded Rubber Runners are replaceable in the field with a Phillips Screwdriver and 3/8" wrench

Ballistic Nylon bottom

Hypalon wear patches on all corners and high wear areas

Re-enforced heavy duty handles on all sides

Mesh pockets in the lid

General pouch in main compartment

Integrated and removable backpack straps

All zippers have 550 Para Cord pulls

One row of webbing anchors for attaching items to bag or lashing things down

This bag requires Extender Straps (SP15) to make an “Ultimate Loadout System”

Berry Amendment Compliant

Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

The Forceprotector Gear “Deployer” is the official standard issue deployment bag for the United States Marine Corps. The Deployer is an innovative design using today’s technology to combine the form and functionality of the standard issue military “footlocker” and the standard issue military “duffel bag”. Neither of these two legacy items had seen much change over the past three centuries of combined use except for the transition from wood to metal to plastic for the footlocker, and the transition from wool to cotton duck to nylon for the duffel bag.

Designed to be lived out of while taking away all of the hassle of dumping it out to find something. multifunctional and keeps your clothes and gear organized.

Review Pros :

Tons of space

Military tough

When purchase used, awesome value for the money

Footlocker design is very handy.

Lots of storage options, pockets and so on.

Lots of ways to carry

Review Cons :

Not light….but it’s military surplus….so I’m not going to count this as a con.

If purchased new, this can be a very expensive bag.

Summary :

FPG isn’t a company which most have heard of but they do make excellent gear which stands out from the crowded military/tactical market.  Their designs are smart, their gear is tough and as used military surplus, you can find some excellent deals.

Plenty of size options for you to consider depending on your needs. When it comes to needs, these are awesome bags which can be used for a wide range of applications.  I’m not military but I have had my hands one some of the rarest, most advanced and rarest of military products and I can easily see why these bags are so highly regarded.  For myself, I use these for travel; for example, when heading to Colorado I can throw my entire backpack system into this bag along with everything else that I need for a full week out west including shoes, boots, etc and there is room left over. When I touch down, I know exactly which bag is mine and I can roll it out, carry by hand or put it on my back.

For overland use, these are excellent; tons of room for any level of kit bag that you wish to make; one for cooking, one for bedding and so on.

If you purchase one of these used; make sure to pay attention to quality as some of these can be in rough shape considering where they may have been.

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