Monday, February 10, 2020

Company Responds - River Country Trekker 2.2 Updated Version Review

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Today Luke is here to review the latest version of the Trekker 2.2 tent from River Country Products and will share with you what the company has told him concerning the problems with the latest version and what is in store for future versions.

------------------------ Video Links ------------------------

Adventure with Latest Version of this Tent :

Link to setup/first look video :

River Country Responds about the Original Trekker 2.2 Tent Failures Link :

⚠️Warning ⚠️ Do Not Buy the River Country Trekker Tent 2.2 Link :

⚡ Incredible Failure! ⚠️ - River Country Trekker Tent 2.2 - Test Night Link :

This Tent Costs How Much? - River Country Trekker Tent 2.2 First Look Link :

Agenda Free Link to Product :

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