Saturday, February 22, 2020

Pathfinding old Forest Roads - Surrounded by Coyotes - Solo Overnight Ad...

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Picture this;

The sun has gone down and the moon is rising.

The crackle of the fire is all that you hear while enjoying your dinner when a sharp howl releases from the forest followed by dozens more.

You're Surrounded!

You see eyes in the forest watching.....

Thank you all for joining me for my next adventure, this was an awesome trip and I am excited to share it.



Gear List :

Warrior Assault ELITE OPS X300 PACK :

This pack is hard to find in the USA but can be found and ordered here;

Kelty 1 Person Field Tent

MLD Ground Sheet

Rakaia Designs Yekka - Double Sided Sleeping Pad

Thermarest Sleeping bag

Woox Rock 62 knife

EKA Viking Combi Stove

Woox AX1 Bushcraft Wood Axe

Befree Water Filter Bag

SOTO G stove ST 320

Butane Bottle

Thermostack Cook Set Combo

Helikon-Tex Numbat Chest Rig

If you have any gear questions, email me.

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  1. Do you have group in the Pacific NW area?
    I am in the SEATTLE area