Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Worth $30? - Coleman Folding Table - Overland and Car Camping

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This is the Coleman Folding Table and Luke is here to go over the pros and cons and as a bonus, he has a hilarious online review to share concerning it.

That is why you never trust an Amazon Review.

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Price : $28 at the time of filming

Weight : 9 lbs. 8 oz.

Materials : Aluminum and Plastic Construction top – Steel Frame

Features : A Slat Top

Includes : A carry bag

Weight capacity : 100 lbs

Folded Size : 5.5" x 5.5" x 27.5"

Measurements – Grab Tape Measure

Color : Silver only


Uses : Perfect for car camping, beach, hunting camp, RV and so on.  Too heavy to backpack with naturally.


Pros :

Easy to setup – takes 2 minutes or less once you know what you are doing.

Excellent size for a car camping table

Excellent price – there are a lot of rather inexpensive tablets out there and at the same time, there are a lot of very expensive ones with some running over $100 easy.

Surprisingly stable considering the weight capacity and the weigh of the table itself. Wont tip over unless you personally do something strange with it.

With my use so far, no staining.

Easy to clean

Folds up nice and small

Easy to break down

Because of the materials and coating, you will not have issues with rust.


Cons :

Coleman says that it is perfect for 4 people; in my opinion, no.  2 people yes with full size plates. 4 people would have to use smaller plates for there to be enough room on all 4 sides.

Surface can be scratched and if you slide something course enough across it, it will scar it

Because of the design, it isn’t possible to put your legs under the table unless you have a really low chair.  There is enough space to store gear, a cooler and so on under the table though.

Due to the slated design, it can be troublesome to cut on it; most people will have zero problems with this as I have personally used it as a cutting board with not problems.

While I haven’t had an issue yet, I could see the plastic caps on the bottom of the legs popping off.

The weak point is the elastic cording that holds the table together.  Luckily if you had a problem with this a repair shouldn’t be that difficult.  The plastic pieces are also of a concern.

Could be a little taller; I’m short and I could feel my back beginning to burn a bit after hunching over to food prep.


Summary :

The low cost of this table makes it an excellent option for many uses and it is a Coleman product which means that the warranty actually means something.   There are a very companies which have tables with the same design, most of them are Chinese companies and are even more expensive.  Alps Mountaineering has a version which looks to be the same but I have to admit that I haven’t seen it up close so I can’t comment on differences but it costs over twice as much.


Mentionable Funny Review :

When it comes to Amazon reviews, you have to take them with a grain of salt and that’s because companies can hire other companies to leave positive feedbacks for their products.  Competitor products can also hire companies to leave negative reviews for competitor products and when I was getting my details together for this review, I saw one which I felt was funny enough to mention;

Total waste of time and money, unless you are backpacking. Don't waste your money on this, and forget trying to return it, that won't work out well for you! The table is extremely difficult to assemble, and when assembled, it is very flimsy!

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