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Esbit 1100ML Solid Fuel Stove - Massive Solid Fuel Tablets!

This is the Esbit 1100ML Solid Fuel Stove and in this Agenda Free Review, Luke goes over the Pros, the Cons and why this may be or might not be the right stove for you.
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Esbit 1100ML Solid Fuel Stove
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Price : $54 at the time of filming on Amazon

Weight : 14.9oz with storage bag

Materials : Anodized Aluminum and stainless steel handle hardware

Measurements : 8.07 x 6.3 x 3.35 inches

Max Capacity : 5 cups or roughly 1100ml

Solid Fuels :
Stove can be used with any fold of solid fuel includes trioxane and Hexamine and that includes mutliple cube sizes - when talking about Hexamine, Esbit offers a number of options including 27g or 14g Esbit solid fuel tablets.

Speaking of which, this stove was designed to be used with the larger 27g tablets which were brought to the market for this very specific stove.

8 x 27g tablets cost $13 at the time of filming - they burn up to 12 minutes and in perfect conditions one tablet can boil 1 liter of water

Works at high altitudes and sub-zero temperatures
Long shelf life is great for emergency preparedness or survival usage
My thoughts; the tablets do perform well but are expensive
Can be blown out if not used completely and relit when needed.
Tablets can be broken into smaller pieces
Stink like shrimp and will need to be stored in plastic a bag; I normally store opened fuels in two zip lock bags

Review Pros :
The quality is good
It is a unique system
Size is good
Multiple fuel cubes can be used for quick boil times
Very easy to use - quick get up and go time
Good quality handle - easy to deploy

Smart use of the lid as a wind screen

Large stove pan - big enough to heat up a reasonable meal, boil XX of water; can hold a wash cloth, a package of Roman noodles, lighter, spork and fuel tablets when not being used.

Stove plate offers good wind resistance

Thanks to the design, heat is distributed evenly from the center of the pan

Review Cons :
Expensive for what this system is. It is a nonstick aluminum stove with pan and $54 is a high price for it. For $54 this should be made from Titanium. Seriously, you can buy an entire stove kit including pots, pans, a kettle and more for less than this.
Fuel is pricey.
Wish it was nonstick
Storage bag is just ok
Fuel has a strong smell to it
Somewhat heavy for being a solid fuel stove

Stove can only be used with the pan unless you want to rig something up; not cup or reasonable sized pot is going to sit on the stove plate.

Summary :

Overall I really like this stove and I like what the company has done here and while I do recommend it there are some important points to consider. For an example, to performs very well, certainly gets the job done when it comes to heating up meals and boiling water. It’s easy to setup, break down, easy to clean and easy to use. Also, I like the form factor.

The biggest cons in my opinion are the fact that the stove is expensive, the fuel is also expensive and it stinks and if you are wanting to save weight in your pack when compared to a canister stove, this isn’t it. You can go much lighter with solid fuel with other systems or ultralight if you are willing to build a stove platform.

With this system, its primary use is going to be for heating up a meal, heating up water; it isn’t a system for cooking or for long term burns due to the nature of the fuel. When considering this kit, ask yourself how you plan to use it; are you a heat up some water and pour it into a bag type of outdoors person or are you more of a cooker.

Because of the rather short burn times of the fuel, this stove is what I would consider to be perfect for quick in and out trips; if you were heading out for a longer period of time nothing is going to replace your canister stove.

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