Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Things Aren't Looking Good But... Hyke and Byke Zion 2 Tent - First Look

In this preview, Luke is taking a look at the Hyke and Byke Zion 2 Person Tent, going over his thoughts and impressions before beginning his field testing.

Why must there be so much BS with this company?
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Hyke and Byke Zion 2 Person Tent - First Look

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Cost : $135

Weight : 6.1lbs

Colors : Orange, Line Green, Dark Green, and Blue

Versions : 1P and 2P versions

Included : Gearloft and Footprint

Materials :
Fly : YKK Zippers, 210T Polyester, 63D up coating - 5000mm rating
Body : YKK Zippers, 190T Polyester 63D with +B3 Net Yarn
Poles : 7000 Series Aluminum Alloy 8.5mm diameter 

Dimensions Compressed : 17.75 x 6.3”

Hyke and Byke Company :
I’ll be honest, I haven’t heard much of this company before stumbling upon it on Amazon and deciding to purchase it for review.

Before filming this episode, last night I did a quick search for Hyke and Byke and the only thing that I came across was a discussion on reddit where someone stated that this is a company which is very much like Outdoor Vitals in that they rebrand Chinese products for sale in the USA.

I haven’t looked into those claims myself and I’d love to hear your thoughts; do you have any experience with Hyke and Byke? Good, bad?

Professionally designed for thru-hiking, backpacking, and camping, this tent boasts superior weight-to-size ratio

Initial Thoughts :
Heavy, incredibly heavy. Once a tent hits this weight range, it becomes obvious that this isn’t the tent that the average individual is going to hike with.

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1 comment:

  1. I ordered the Hyke and Byke Yosemite 2p tent, two different colors grey tent, green fly, no footprint included. Very inferior product.No set-up instructions,not everybody has experience setting tents up. Very heavy. Sending it back. Beware !!!