Monday, June 28, 2021

The $20 Helikon Disappointment - Helikon-Tex Stainless Steel Mess Kit Re...

Up for an Agenda Free Review today is the Helikon-Tex Stainless Steel Mess Kit...

There are some problems + disappointments and the review begins now!
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Forward : There are a lot of mess kits on the market today and this is one of them; you all know that I have a thing for mess kits so after receiving this as a gift from a viewer, I have been using it out in the field and I’m here today to share my thoughts about it.

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Price : $19.90

Weight : 1.6lbs

Materials : Electropolished Stainless Steel

3 piece kit : Lid, large pot and small pot

Large tin: 1 liter; 15 cm in diameter
Small tin: 0,7 liters, 13 cm in diameter
Cover: 15,5 cm in diameter

A big thank you goes out to the viewer who sent this in to me to review, I really appreciate it. While I’m not longer doing viewer mail videos on the channel if you want to send something in for me to potentially to review, feel free to do so.

When using the Helikon Tex Mess kit another system came to mind and that would be the Czech Mess Kit which is a 3 piece kit as well. The difference is that the Czech military version is make from aluminum.

With that being said, this is not a unique design as there are plenty of companies who have variants of Cookset which look just like this one.

Pros :
Good quality

Excellent value especially when you compare this to other 3 piece systems - some can be very expensive with many over $50. Some even higher.

Lid can be used as a plate, a frying and can be used as a cutting board

Handles are comfortable to hold

Cons :
No locking mechanism for the handle
No cover for the handles but in truth, if you keep the handles away from your heat source they will be completely holdable in most situations
No handle included to hold the lid when using it as a frying pan
No tab to lift lid from pot
Nothing New - Copied design

Summary :
This is a fair quality system for the money and for the $20 you are getting 2 very solid stainless pots and a multi use lid.

While I like this kit, I can’t help but be a bit disappointed namely because the company simply copied other existing systems instead of improving upon what was out there. A few simple alterations to this would make this a better Cookset that is easier to use.

In the end, I can recommend this for those who are looking for a stainless steel pot Cookset who don’t mind the weight or the potential warping issues. For the money, it is good enough even though it isn’t as good as it could be.


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