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I Can't Believe the Price! - Lodge 6.5” Cast Iron Skillet - Hike Camp Bu...

This little cast iron skillet is perfect for your outdoor adventure and the price will surprised you!

Over the years I have cooked just about everything that you can imagine on this and it is time to pass on my Agenda Free Review of the 6.5” Cast Iron Skillet from Lodge.
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Lodge 6.5” Cast Iron Skillet - 

Weight : 1.9lbs 

Price : $10 

Size : 6.5” but there are plenty of sizes ranging from 3.5” all the way up to 15”

For bushcraft purpose and hiking trips I have found that the 6.5” model offers a good balance of weight and overall cooking space.

Over the years, you all have seen me use this cast iron skillet in all sorts of situations and on all sorts of trips; I used it with canister stoves, over fires, under tarps during thunder storms and so on and I plan to continue to use it for a long time to come.

Pros :
Excellent value
Good size and weight for backpacking, camping and Bushcraft it
Very good quality
Excellent handle
Made in the USA
Excellent heat retention and even cooking
Can easily be used over an open fire or on a canister stove

Like all Lodge, it comes pre-seasoned, which simply means it has a coating of oil that prevents oxidation. This seasoning is not what makes it non-stick. How you cook with it does.

Cons :
The claim that this is a 6.5” skillet is a bit of a stretch, the company rounded up as it is just a bit over 6”s.

Seasoning could be a bit better but for the money I can’t really complain.  You can find plenty of videos on how to do this if you feel that it needs a more substantial treatment.

For the money, that is the only con that I have and that takes us over to the summary.

Summary :
For only $10, this is skillet presents an excellent value for any outdoors person; the weight isn’t crazy, the size is aqaquet, the quality is excellent and it can be used any way that you like.  Over a fire, on a stove and you can sear, sauté, fry, bake and so on.

It’s easy to cook on, the heat retention and heat distribution through the bottom and side walls is excellent and it is easy to clean.

Here is a tip, because of the small size of this skillet the handle does become very hot very fast so you will need to come up with a way to hold and to use this pan so you don’t burn your hands.  I use a washcloth and will often wet it and then use it; that works great.

If you take care of this skillet, it is going to last you longer than you will be able to physically use it.  Lodge has been around since 1896 and there is a reason why the company has survived this long; they make great products and sell them at affordable prices. 

Something to consider before purchase, cast iron takes a delicate hand to care for it; you can’t just go to town and wash it with dish soap; there are plenty of videos on cast iron care so if you have any questions you can watch those or you can send me a message.  Happy to help.

Lid : Lodge makes a cast iron cover for the 6.5” skillet but it is very hard to find.  That is the 6.5" Cast Iron Cover, L3SC3.

What I have found for a lid that both works well and isn’t too heavy is the Imusa Casserole with Lid and Handle, STD, Multicolor;

The lid fits perfect but the color is random.  

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  1. Worth the price. You forgot to say is that it make a wonderful weapon especially for women who hike or camp on their own.