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2022 Snugpak Quality Inspection - New VS OLD - Snugpak Ionosphere Bivy T...

There was a point in time where I could easily recommend Snugpak and their products but that changed after a major drop in quality.

Years have passed since I have reviewed anything from the company and that changes today; in this episode I am comparing the old version of the Snugpak Ionosphere to the newest one and will be performing a quality inspection.

Will there be problems? Has Snugpak improved since my last review?
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Snugpak Quality Comparison - Ionosphere Tent

What this is all about :
Back in October of 2013 I put up my video review of the Snugpak Ionosphere tent and it was a glowing review. The Ionosphere was a fantastic shelter and at that time the company Snugpak had a very good reputation.

Going forward in time to 2018 my positive opinion of Snugpak began to change; product failure after product failure, quality issue after quality issue -

issues with terrible seam taping, so bad that a product was unusable.

There were issues with leaking sleeping mats, hardware failures and so on.

It got to the point where I had a very hard time recommending a Snugpak product and when asked about them, I would suggest that if a viewer was to buy one of their products they do so through Amazon or through a store that had a very good return policy. Also, as soon as the individual received a product, they needed to inspect it closely for issues.

What was the change that took place at Snugpak? The company moved their manufacturing to China.
Currently :

Since the company began having issues with their products and quality, I personally made the decision to stop supporting them and have purchased anything from the company since then. That changes today!

More on this in a moment.

When it comes to reports from others, over the years I have heard both good and bad from viewers concerning the company. Also, reviews online are a bit all over the place; there are plenty of good reviews assuming they are real and at the same time, there are more than a few reports of poor quality; also assuming that they are real.

I did notice that there are some reviews on YT that were done within the last year where users had issues with quality and leaking. A shout out to Grunt Proof for keeping it real and honest - with so many YT channels lying and selling products it’s good to see a channel like mine where the host gives it to you straight!

Why I purchased this tent? :

My plan for 2022 is to reevaluate Snugpak and it begins with the Ionosphere. Maybe the company has turned things around but then again, maybe not!

I loved the design of the Ionosphere and I would like to be able to confidently recommend it to my viewers but I won’t be able to do that until I have not only closely observed the quality but have also tested it out.

With my testing and evaluations, it begins in this episode where I am going to set up this tent and take a close look at it. Also, I’m going to compare the new version to the old tent that I purchased back in 2013. Yes I still have it and I use it all the time.

The next test that I will be doing will be in regards to waterproofing. The old version that I have has never let me down and it has been through crazy amounts of rain.
Stats :

Retail Price is virtually the same : $230 - can be found at a lower price on Amazon. I paid $180 for this tent recently.

Weight :
New Model Weight : 3.65lbs
Old Model Weight : 3.56

Dimensions Stored New : 19” x 6”
Dimensions Stored Old : 19” x 6”

Materials :
These don’t seem to have changed over the years according to the company

210t Polyester RipStop PU with a 5000mm rating

190t Nylon with Polyester Mesh

Bathtub Style 190t Nylon w/5000mm PU coating

DAC Featherlite Poles made from TH72M aluminum

All of this matches my notes from many years ago.
Differences :

Issues :

A few things I noticed -
The new version doesn’t feature the same level of stitching on the storage bag -

The compression straps are substantially shorter with the new version

What comes next :
Waterproof testing is next; are there going to be any leaks or issues? Find out soon here on TOGR

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