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This Military Product is Amazing! Sleeping Bag, Blanket, Woobie - US Zip...

The US Military Poncho Liner has for years stayed virtually the same with very few changes....that was the case until recently when a major modification was made and a zipper was added!

This is a first look at the US Military Zippered Poncho Liner and folks, it's better than ever! Also, I go over somer repairs that I made to the used liner that I picked up on eBay.

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The Updated US Military Zippered Poncho Liner / Woobie Blanket

What it is : Last week I put up my review of the US Military Poncho Liner, AKA The Woobie Blanket - the version without the zipper - this video is going to focus on the zippered version which I mentioned I would be getting in soon.

For the most part, this is the exact same poncho liner; it can be used in all of the same ways with the exception being this - this version features a zipper that goes around the body of the blanket. When zippered it creates a sleeping bag of sorts.

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Rarity : Locating a legit military surplus poncho liner with a zippered body isn’t all that easy - they aren’t available on the civilian market like the traditional, non-zippered model. Very limited supply and limited number of sellers.

Price : When I purchased this poncho liner, I located it for sale on eBay and I paid $32 for it and that included free shipping. The condition was Grade D.

The grading scale is simple; A is best & that would be like new.

D is bad and F is terrible with everything else in between.

When I purchased this, the seller that Ihave linked to only had Grade D liners but at the time of filming this video, they have B, C and D

Grade B’s were listed for $100.

Weight :
1lb 10.2oz

Measurements Unfolded :
88” long - 64” wide

Measurements Zippered :
88” long - 32”

Measurements Compressed :
12” long x 6”
Info :
The poncho liner is part of a wet weather System; the poncho liner was designed to work with the US military poncho as an insulation layer but can be used by itself in numerous ways.

Blanket - protective cover - sleeping bag and so on.

Colors : With this specific zippered poncho liner, I have only seen this available in a digital woodland; it may be available in other patterns but I haven’t seen them myself. The traditional version can be found in digital woodland, the Army’s universal combat pattern, USAF’s Environmental Camo and so on.

My thoughts comparing this zippered poncho liner to the traditional model;

I much prefer the zipper and having the ability to make this into a true sleeping bag. You could do that with the traditional model but since it couldn’t be zippered it wasn’t quite as warm.

This newer version retains all of the benefits of the traditional with no sacrifices from my perspective.
Condition of the Liner :
I mentioned that I purchased this liner in a graded D condition and that’s exactly what I received. It featured a large size hole that went all the way through and the zipper was almost broken. Luckily it was repairable and I was able to correct the issues to my satisfaction with an iron-on polyester patch - once it was in place, I went around the patch with my wife’s sewing machine. I also repaired the zipper as well as I could by hand and have re-enforced it. It’s nice and smooth and should be usable for years to come.
Variants :
Before I say goodbye, I’ve mentioned in my review of the traditional poncho liner that there are many companies out there who make variants of this product; some make replicas while others have a product that is loosely based upon the original military spec. The products that are loosely based on the mil spec are known as “Styles”

- US Military Poncho Liner “Style”

One has to be careful when purchasing a product like this as there are a lot of companies who are willing to do and say anything to make a sale. They may even go as far as saying that a product is legit military surplus when that isn’t accurate or true at all.

I recently got in one of these military style poncho liners with a zipper and I will have a video up next week discussing it and how it’s different.

I can tell you this much, it is very interesting!!! The Differences may shock you.
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