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The Value of this Stove is Excellent - Esbit Medium Solid Fuel Stove Review

The value and functionality of this stove is off of the the charts!

In this Agenda Free Review, Luke is reviewing the Medium Size Esbit stove and while doing so will go over the Pros, the Cons and why this may be the right stove for you.
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Medium Size Esbit Pocket Stove Review 

What it is : This is a lightweight, small form factor solid fuel stove - I love stoves like this and while this isn’t overly unique it is highly versatile and for the money, they are hard to beat.

Thank you to Theo who sent this in for me to review, thank you brother! 

Esbit is a German company who has been making stoves for over 75 years for both civilian and military applications. The original stove was developed in the 1930’s and since then has been used by outdoorsmens/women, military forces, rescue organizations and even humanitarian groups. 

Price : $15

Weight : 6.1oz - stove and two 27g fuel cubes 

Stove is made from Galvanized steel
Fuel Tablets are Hexamine which is toxic to breathe in.

Size : 4.5” x 3.25” roughly an 1” deep

Review Pros :

- Plain and simple, this is an awesome stove!
- Easy to setup, easy to break down.
- The fuel is easy to ignite; not the easiest but with a steady flame it will be burning.

Also, Hexamine works great at high elevations and in sub-zero conditions. 

Good quality stove

Very lightweight


Can be used with other fuels not just those from Esbit - also multiple sizes.  

Offers good wind resistance. 

Can hold multiple fuel tablets 

Because the walls are retractable, you can use this with many sizes of pots, pans and cups. 

Review Cons

Fuel - it’s toxic to breathe in when it is burning and it absolutely stinks.  Smells like shrimp even though the package. When I’m out with this type of stove and fuel, I will double bag it….for my protection! Lol 

Talking about the fuel, it can be hard to ignite in windy conditions 

Summary :

These little stoves are great for those who want to go out on adventures with a lightweight, small form factor stove and fuel solution. Inexpensive, simple to use, compact and fuel is easily available.

Note : Esbit has multiple Pocket Stoves; a small, medium and large. In my opinion, the medium is the sweet spot but in truth, you’re not going to see a massive difference in any of them.  There is only an inch difference between the smallest and the largest. 

There are other companies who make similar stoves such as BCB; there are very few differences between them all.

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