Monday, March 28, 2022

I'm Absolutely Blown Away! Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 1 - First Look an...

I have to be honest here, the quality of this tent is AMAZING especially when you consider the price!

I simply don't believe it!

Years have passed since I have reviewed anything from this company and that changes today; in this episode I am taking a fresh look at the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra tent and I'm blown away!
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What it is : This is a 3 season 1 person tent from the company known as Teton Sports. This is a budget friendly shelter that I have high hopes that I can ultimately recommend.

Before I can, I need to take a close look at the shelter and then test it out. Coming soon!

Back in 2017 I reviewed this tent and ultimately recommended and with it being 2022, this tent has changed some and it is time to reevaluate this product.

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Weight : 4.4lbs

Materials :
RAINFLY MATERIAL : 66D 3MM Ripstop Polyester
INNER TENT WALL MATERIAL : 150D Polyester Oxford
FLOOR MATERIAL : 150D Polyester Oxford
Pole : T6 Aluminum
Storage Bag : 66D 3mm Ripstop Polyester

Dimensions Stored : 21 x 5

Dimensions Setup Interior : 80 x 30 x 41

Price : $110 retail (purchased during a sale on the Teton website for $83

Colors : Gray and Silver, Red and Yellow

Versions : 1, 2, 3, 4 person variants

Initial Thoughts :
See Video
How the 2022 version is different than the 2017 version.

Luckily I still have my notes to compare important details

The new 2022 version is smaller by 2” in all dimensions when setup.

Dimensions : 82" x 32" x 39.5"
Packed Dimensions are virtually the same.
The newest version is slightly less heavy - 4.4lbs compared to 4.7 of the older version.

Teton sports used to state the hydrostatic rating but no longer does so. The fly was rated at 3000mm but this is no longer stated.

The materials are different; the older version featured a high denier rain fly

The older version included a groundsheet whereas the new one does not.

The price of the old version was $130 retail, I paid $118 for it back then.

With these changes the only big con that I see is the change in size; cutting 2” from each dimension could translate to a tent that simply will not work for all individuals instead they will have to get either a 2 person tent or go with a different product entirely.

The change in materials isn’t that big of a deal as long as the overall performance is similar.

Coming up I will begin with my testing of this product and we will see how well it performs in the rain. That is a big question for me.

It is my hope that this tent performs well as I would love to be able to recommend this tent and even the larger sizes for those who are looking for budget options.
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