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$700 - I Bought the Most Expensive Backpack - Osprey UNLTD AntiGravity 64L

I'm shocked that this backpack cost $700!
This is the first look at the Osprey UNLTD AntiGravity 64L
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The $750 Osprey UNLTD AntiGravity Backpack - First Look

What it is : For the last 2 years, Osprey has been working on what is known as the UNLTD project which is a line of backpacks that harness every single advancement, innovation and technology;

These packs were designed with a focus on design and performance rather than price.

Male and Female

Sizes :
Small to Medium - 64L
Large to XLarge - 67L

Measurements : 31.89H X 16.14W X 15.35D IN.

Materials :
MAIN210D High Tenacity Nylon Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene Ripstop, PFC-free DWR

ACCENT210D High Tenacity Nylon Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene Ripstop, PFC-free DWR

BOTTOM500D bluesign® approved recycled High Tenacity Nylon, PFC-free DWR

YKK Zippers 

3D Printed Carbon Fiber Lumbar Pad

7075 Aluminum frame

Weight : 5.5lbs 

Price : $750 


From what I understand, this pack is based upon the design of the Osprey Atmos AG backpack which is one of my favorite backpacks ever.  It’s a top notch system it’s a very good platform to build upon.

With the UNLTD AntiGravity, it is impressive to behold; when you look at the quality of the materials, the very intriguing design, innovative features….it’s impressive….impressive from a design standpoint….


Is it $750 impressive; I wouldn’t go that far.  Not from a monetary perspective at least not yet.  When the testing begins with this pack, that may entirely change….I will talk about this more in a second.

My wife said it best when this pack arrived; it looks like a regular backpack and it cost $750 and that is true.  From a distance, it doesn’t look to be any different from the majority of backpacks that are out on the market.

Standout Features : The 3D printed lumbar support is indeed different and the AutoLift harness system is indeed interesting.

Weight : This pack is heavy at 5.5lbs

Questions and Going Forward - 

My Ultimate Question is this : Does the performance of this backpack justify the high price tag?  

The Atmos AG backpack from Osprey is already incredibly durable, very comfortable and can be found for a good price, around $270 at the time of filming…..

How does the UNLTD backpack build upon that and improve upon it…..

In other words, how does it justify the price increase?

Considering that the OG Atmos AG is already comfortable enough, it is strong enough…what does this pack do differently or substantially better?

Question : Is this pack going to be substantially better or is it going to be more of a luxury? 

Similar to driving a luxury vehicle sort thing? 

That is what we are going to find out with my upcoming adventures and testing.  My plan is to take this pack across the country to test it out in a wide range of environments to see just how well it performs and I will share with you, my completely agenda thoughts on this backpack.

My goal here with TOGR is to provide information and that’s it.  I don’t push products, I don’t sell products, I don’t do commissions….I bought this backpack so I can review it honestly….so you can make an educated decision with your money.

The other UNLTD Backpack :
The other pack in the UNLTD lineup is the AirScape and it was designed to be a hauler; in other words, it was designed to carry more weight than the AntiGravity where it was designed with a priority on comfort and ventilation.

The price of that pack is $750 as well. 

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