Monday, April 4, 2022

The Design of this is Genius! - Nemo Moonlander Table - Impressive Folding

Without a doubt, I have never seen anything like this table before.
The Design is INSANELY smart but there is a BUT.....a Big One!

This is the Nemo Moonlander Table and this is my Agenda Free Review.
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Nemo Moonlander Table - Ingenious Design

What it is : The Moonlander is a two stage (dual height) table made by Nemo; an outdoor company that is well known for their tents, sleeping bags and outdoor products.

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Weight : 4lbs 14oz

Dimensions When Stored :
Stated in Video

Table Top Dimensions :
Stated in Video 

With Legs Height : 16”

Without Legs Height : 4”

Capacity : 100lbs

Materials : Nylon, Aluminum, Polyester

Color : Nemo calls this Boreal

Price : $150
From the Company :
Smooth, impervious, and durable tabletop surface is made of heat stabilized nylon to endure the elements and clean easily.

Dual-height design offers low picnic blanket setup or deploy hidden legs for elevated side table.

High-quality hardware brings next level detail, durability, and clean aesthetic.

Custom-engineered aluminum hinges are overmolded into the tabletop for a lifetime of performance.

Aluminum legs are integrated with zinc pole tips for a stable and supportive outdoor camp table.

Side table height stands tall at 16 inches, while picnic height (intended to be used without chairs) provides a convenient platform at 4 inches.

Setup is intuitive, quick, and easy — simply open for picnic level or connect and insert legs with a twist lock for side table height. Includes a sharply designed, padded case.

Easily fits into the laptop sleeve of a backpack or soft cooler for easy carry.

Protected by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty.


Thanks : Thank you to Kimberly for putting this product on my radar.

Pros :

- Great form factor
- Excellent design - smart!
- Quick and easy to deploy and to break down
- Dual heights
- Nice case
- Excellent materials

- The top of the table is Impervious!

- Table is solid and hefty; makes for a good platform to cook on and won’t blow over easily

- Table top has shown no sign of use as of yet

- Construction is very good; nothing feels fragile here and at this time after a few months of use, I don’t foresee any specific issues in the future

- Lifetime Warranty

Cons :
- Expensive - there are many less expensive camp tables out on the market with most being made by Chinese companies; This does feel a lot more stable than many that I have personally tested out. Also, it is easier to set up than most. There are a few name brand companies like Big Agnes, Eureka, who make camp tables as well and their pricing is virtually the same as this.

- Heavy - consider that this table weighs almost 5lbs and then consider how you plan to use it. For most backpacking trips this is too heavy to bring along but if your loadout is light enough you can certainly make it work.

- For camping purposes that is where this is going to shine.

- Not the tallest of tables nor the largest of table tops

- The top of the table could look a bit better in my opinion for the high cost. As is, you can see molding points which did surprise me a bit. For the money, I expected a better looking table top - it’s not bad but I’m sure you agree, it could look a bit better.
Summary :
After using this table for the last couple of months, I’ve grown to really like it. I’ve carried it on backpacking adventures;

when going lightweight enough in other areas for this to make sense.
I’ve used it for camping trips.
I’ve used it in the back of my truck when overlanding.
The quality is great, the design is smart, the form factor is very compact and fairly lightweight, it’s easy to deploy, easy to breakdown and stow.

The biggest problem for this product is the price and only you can decide whether or not it makes sense for you.

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