Monday, April 25, 2022

I Was Wrong - OneTigris Scaena Rain Waterproof Test - Test Night

I did my best to get the OneTigris Scaena Tent to leak and this is what happened.....
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OneTigris Scaena Backpacking Tent - First Look at the Cosmitto Replacement - Preview

What it is :
My friends, what i have here is the Scaena (sky-n-ah) tent from OneTigris; remember the Cosmitto tent that I reviewed previously? If not you should check out my videos on that tent as it was a very interesting product; it had a lot going for it but unfortunately the design of the tent meant that it wasn’t waterproof.

After the testing done on my channel, the company recommended that the Cosmitto be only used in light rain.

How useful is a tent that can’t weather any sort of weather? Not useful at all.

Anyways, after my testing videos and review went up for the Cosmitto tent, OneTigris told me that they were working on a new version of this tent, one that addressed all of the issues that I had and to make a long story short, here we go!

This is the Scaena tent which is essentially the new and improved Cosmitto tent. While it hasn’t replaced the Cosmitto as it is still for sale for some reason, based on what OneTigris has told me, it is the new and improved Cosmitto tent.

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