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Innovation or Luxary? Did Osprey Just Turn the Backpacking Industry Upsi...

In this Episode of Outdoor News, Luke is talking about the Most Expensive Backpacks ever brought to the market!

These packs are made by Osprey and the company claims that they are the most advanced backpacks ever created!  

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For this episode of Outdoor News I wanted to discuss with you all two products that just hit the market; these are backpacks and they are by far the most expensive backpacks that I have ever seen.

The packs that I am talking about are from the very well known company Osprey, and the packs are the AirScape and the AntiGravity UNLTD backpacks.

Talking about price for a moment; have you seen the HoverGlide line of backpacks? If so, then you know already just how expensive those are; around $500.  Those are exceptionally expensive backpacks but they have nothing on these new packs from Osprey. 

The UNLT line of packs, again there are two of them, the AirScape and the Antigravity - these run $700!

Both packs are available in two sizes;
Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large
There are gender specific versions; male and female
And each of these packs feature a top lid that can be detached and used separately.  

The AirScape lid turns into a backpack whereas the Antigravity’s lid turns into a fanny pack.

The AirScape is a 68L pack.

Colors : The mens versions of these packs comes in a blue and black combination that looks really good and the female version comes teal green and black.
Why So Expensive

Back on point and to the big question; why are these backpacks so expensive?  

According to Osprey, they after nearly 50 years of innovation, the company was looking beyond traditional manufacturing technologies as far as their backpacks go.

With the UNLTD line of packs, there were no limits put into place for price, no limits on materials, no limitations in regards to designs.

The goal was to design and to develop the ultimate backpacks and that is what they have just brought to the market.
Features :

I’m going to play for you all a bit from the Osprey marketing videos which recently went up as they go over the details concerning the design, technologies and materials used with these backpacks.
What the Osprey videos that I have seen didn’t make clear were the differences between the two models;

The AirScape is a hauler; it is designed to carry up to 65lbs - it fits close to the back to make carrying heavy loads more comfortable.

The Antigravity was built for maximum comfort and ventilation and can carry up to 55lbs.

Both of these packs are heavy on their own, the AirScape is 6.2lbs for the small/medium size and is 6.7 for the large.

The Antigravity is 5.4lbs for the small/medium and 5.5 for the large.
Sizes :
As far as the sizes of these packs, the AirScape is 68L for the small/medium and 72L for the large.

The Antigravity is 64L for the small/medium and 67L for the large.
Testing :

As soon as I saw that these packs hit the market, I decided to order one for the channel and as soon as it arrives my testing will begin.  I selected the Antigravity version as my days of carrying loads of 55lbs are behind me - I’m all about comfort and ventilation! 

I will be honest, with my testing of this backpack, I am going to be hyper critical and the reason for that is simple; the backpack costs $700.  For that price, the back needs to be an obvious and substantial step up in terms of comfort, ventilation, strength and design.

The Osprey Atmos AG 65 is one of my favorite packs, it is very comparable as far as specs go and the full retail price of that is $270.  The UNLTD Antigravity for $700 will have to be an entirely new level to justify the price.

Coming up soon everyone, I will begin posting videos concerning the UNLTD Osprey backpack; I’ll begin testing and speaking of which, it will be extensive testing and my plan is to use it all across the country.  

Stay tuned!

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