Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Best Backpacking Stool? Lightweight & Comfortable BUT - Big Agnes Skylin...

Today Luke is reviewing a UL stool from Big Agnes;
while Lightweight and Comfortable, is that enough to justify the price? 
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Big Agnes Skyline UL Stool 

What it is : For those who want to pack light but yet carry with them a comfortable place to sit, this is a fairly lightweight sitting option for those who don’t want to carry with them a full size chair.

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Colors : Black Orange Yellow 

Materials : Nylon with polyester ripstop and waterproof UTS coating - aluminum pole system

Weight : 1lb 4.5oz for the full kit - you can drop .5oz by leaving the storage bag behind.

Seat Height : 15"
Seat Width : 21”
Packed Size : 3.5 x 12" 

Weight Capacity : 250lbs

Price : $100

Hubless design
Color coded frame for easy setup
For a stool, the seat is rather wide which isn’t common with camp stools.  Most are very narrow.
One directional way to sit

Review Pros :
Comfortable - Really comfortable considering that there isn’t a back rest.  When sitting in it, it’s like a chair but again, without the back.
Because the seat is large it doesn’t feel restrictive and doesn’t impact your legs or hips.
Small form factor
Easy to set up
Can be used for multiple purposes including backpacking, bike packing, kayaking and so on.
Can be used as a makeshift table if needed
Fairly stable for a stool - if you lean forward to grab something it stays planted fairly well. This is due to slight flexes in the frame and stretching being done in the seat.
Storage bag is big enough to house the stool and seat with no issues. 

Review Cons
Point 1 - Can’t recline - that’s not really a con just a point to make and for you to consider. 
Point 2 - feet will sink into soft soil
My only real con for this stool is the price - $100 for a stool with these materials is borderline insanity.  
There are a number of lightweight stools out there with most of them being $60 to $70 less expensive. 
Yes, they will be made with less expensive materials, they will feature different diving’s, won’t be quite as comfortable and won’t include a warranty that you can trust as most of these offerings will come from Chinese companies.  That’s up to you to weigh and consider.

Tip : If you are a taller or larger individual, I would recommend trying this stool out before purchasing if at all possible.  
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