Thursday, October 6, 2022

It's Large and Inexpensive But Is It Storm Worthy? - OneTigris Bulwark T...

This is the OneTigris Bulwark Tarp and in this Agenda Free Review Luke is going over the Pros and Cons.

What makes it so good and are there any major problems?

Find out now.
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OneTigris Bulwark Tarp - 12.8ft x 9.5” - Review

What it is : This is a summer strength tarp, fairly lightweight, very inexpensive and is impressively waterproof.

Size : 12.8ft x 9.5ft

Materials : 210T Polyester Taffeta with dual PU coating - 2000mm hydrostatic waterproof rating

Colors : Coyote brown only - or at least that’s what the company says but I have heard reports of some people receiving the tarp in OD Green.  

Weight : 2lbs 9oz to the tarp, stakes, guy lines and compression strap.  I threw out the storage bag as it was useless.  I’ll explain why here in a moment.

Taped Seams 
19 reinforced loops with 3 on the ridge

Price : $48 at the time of filming on Amazon

Pros :

Excellent size especially for the money - there is plenty of space for two individuals under this tarp. 

Good quality considering the price and the materials

Strong considering the low price - suitable for summer time conditions and potentially low impact fall and winter camping.

No issues when it comes to waterproofness

Versatile - can be used any way that you like; with a tent, with a hammock, by itself, etc.  You can even use it as an awning and it works well in that regards

I like the plastic rings in each of the corners -

Pack size is reasonable 

Weight is reasonable for the price

Some tent stakes are included - they are simple but hey, they are included! 

Cons :

Nonsensically small storage bag that is virtually impossible to use when in the outdoors.  I got so fed up with it that I ended up recycling it. 
The guy lines that come with the tarp are some of the worst material ever.  They tangle incredibly easy and while the 6 lines are 13ft long each, they are highly irritating and should be replaced with cordage of your choice.  550 cord is a good option, Atwood micro cord is amazing if lower weight is a priority. Dyneema cordage is also excellent. You can keep the tensioners and re-use them.
No inside of the tarp loops - for the price, it’s understandable but it would be a nice feature to have 

I mentioned the materials and made my recommendations on use; with the materials and the build quality, summer time use is fine, fall and winter is going to be fine as well as long as it isn’t too windy and as long as heavy snow isn’t laying on the tarp.  

If a stronger tarp is needed, then I would highly recommend looking at tarp made from a stronger nylon.

Summary : After almost a year of testing, I can tell you that this is a good budget tarp.  If you don’t need a winter strength tarp and don’t mind a little weight, this is a good option to consider.  OneTigris, the storage bag is nonsensically small.  Only a factory folded tarp will fit in the bag.

Also, the cordage is TERRIBLE.  I would suggest not including any as it would be better than what is included.  
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