Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Huge Japanese Tipi Tent - DOD Outdoors Ichi One Pole Tent - Medium Size ...

Today Luke is previewing a very large Tipi tent that's from the Japanese outdoor company known as DOD Outdoors.

This is the medium size Ichi One Pole Tipi Tent first look.
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DoD Outdoors Ichi One Pole Tent - Medium 

What it is : What I have today is a Japanese Tipi Tent that is now available in the USA.  It’s from the company known as DOD Outdoors - 

I’m a big tipi tent fan and I’m excited to begin testing this out - it looks great for the money! 

As far as DOD Outdoors goes, I would look at them very much like a Snow Peak sort of company.  Maybe that makes sense to you, maybe not; the company makes a wide range of outdoor “Style” products, tents, tables, chairs, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, cots and so on. 

Colors : Black Fly and Gray Inner

Capacity : 5 Person

Versions : This is the Medium Tipi tent, there is a Large Tipi tent as well that can house up to 8 individuals. 

Materials :
Tent fabric: Polyester 2000mm HHR fly
Floor : Polyester with 5000mm HHR
Pole: Steel
Stakes: Aluminum
Rope: Polypropylene
Carry bag: Polyester

Packed Dimensions : L x W x H: 23 in x 7 in x 7 in

Dimensions Setup
Footprint (Hexagonal): 145 in x 128 in
Interior Peak Height: 6.5 ft 

Weight : 10 lbs - 4.5 kg including carrying case

Cost : $269

Accessories : The company offers a groundsheet as well as an inner table that goes around the center pole.  

From The Company
With the Ichi One Pole, you’ll find out why the tipi is the oldest and most enduring tent design. It combines fast and easy setup, lots of head room so you can stand up straight inside the tent, and loads of floor space to sleep up to 5 adults. The inner mesh tent with sewn-in floor keeps the bugs out. While the outer fly keeps you warm and dry. A giant front door and ample vents around the peak keep you cool in summer.

Fast easy setup can be done by one person.
6.5ft (2m) tall in the center allows most campers to stand up straight to get dressed. 
Use the mesh tent alone as a bug tent. Or use the outer fly alone as a shade tarp.
Glow in the dark tent stakes stop you from tripping after dark. 
Thoughts on Tent Discussed in Video :
Setup Process 
Size inside and out
Weight - it is heavy but if you are sharing this with other people, the weight can be split up.

Additional Points
With a tent like this, it is very much like multiple tents in one.  
You can use it with both the inner and fly, you can use it with just the inner, and you can use it with just the fly
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