Monday, October 17, 2022

The Best Lighting Product I have Used in Years - Haven RidgeLight - USB ...

What I have here today is an ultralight lighting solution that you can use for a variety of purposes; the versatility of this string light is amazing and guess what, the price isn’t bad at all!

Find out what makes this the best lighting product I have used in years in this Agenda Free Review.
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Haven RidgeLight - USB Powered Dimmable String Lights - Real Review

What it is : What I have here today is an ultralight lighting solution that you can use for a variety of purposes.  For an example, my wife and I own two of these and we’ve used them for hammock camping along the inside of the hammock as part of the ridge line, we use them camping, we use them overlanding the country.  

The versatility of this string light is amazing and guess what, the price isn’t bad at all!

Storage bag
2 Silicon ties so you can cinch the RidgeLight to a line or object

Length : 78” long

Weight : 3.3 oz for the light
The storage bag is 8g

Power Draw : 6 watts at the highest light output 

Price : $24

carabiners at each end for attaching and hanging the light.
Fully dimmable - when the light is on, touch and hold the power switch and it will dim.  Repeat and it will get brighter
Silicon wrapped light that is surprisingly oh water resistant.  Speaking of which, the company makes no claims of waterproofness or water resistance…my claims are based upon my experiences when using this in extremely wet situations

Review Pros :
Excellent quality
Impressively water resistant - I would keep it as dry as possible but my experiences have been excellent in this department.
Price is very fair
Puts out a lot of light
Extremely lightweight 
Easy setup and breakdown - Carabiners make attaching this and stringing it up very easy
The carry bag does add some functionality other than storing the Ridgelight - with that being said, I rarely use it…
Silicon cover does a great job protecting the LEDs.
The silicon cover is also easy to clean - if it gets dirty, you can wipe it off rather easily. 
On / off switch works well - touch and it is on.  Touch and it is off.
Power consumption is excellent

Review Cons
I had to think long and hard about this and folks, I couldn’t come up with any cons for this product.  

It works well, puts out a lot of light, the weight is low, the price is right…

Summary :
When I first got this item in to test out, I didn’t think for a second that I would enjoy using it as much as I do but I love the Haven Ridgelight; 

I know that sounds like a sales pitch but it isn’t.  Just in case you don’t know, the channel is Agenda Free; I don’t care if you buy this…that means nothing to me as it doesn’t benefit me at all.

My channel shares information and that’s it.

Anyways, this light is incredibly versatile and as I mentioned you can use this in many, many ways.  Tent, Hammock, Vehicle, Tarp, etc

Before wrapping this up, I will share with you all how I carry this light with me on my adventures.

I’m a fan of lightweight storage bags so here I’m using a TT mesh storage bag and inside of it I have a small flashlight, headlamp, power bank and the RidgeLight.

The power bank is from NiteCore, it’s a 10,000mAh pack and it is super lightweight. 

The weight of the RidgeLight is 3.3
The weight of the Power Bank is 5.3oz
Together the weight is 8.6oz
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