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🤣 What's a TURBO Plate? - EverNew DX Titanium Multi Fuel Stove Set - Review

This is my review of the EverNew DX Titanium Stove Set which is a lightweight multi-fuel stove system.  

There's one area in which this stove IMPRESSES but unfortunately there's so much Gimmick!

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EVERNEW DX Titanium Multi-Fuel Stove Set - Review

Fuels : Alcohol, Solid Fuel, Biomass (wood, sticks, etc).

Materials : Titanium 

Alcohol Stove Capacity : 2.3oz (70ml)

Weight : 3oz for the entire kit

Packed Dimensions : 3.4 x 2.8 x 3.3” 
Setup : It’s about 7” tall

Cost : At the time of filming, $55 

There is a version of this kit that doesn’t include the alcohol stove and it is about $8 less expensive at the time of filming.

Test Results with Denatured Alcohol
With Spreader Plate : Boiled 2 cups of water, 16oz : 4:35
Without Spreader Plate : Boiled 2 cups of water : 4:30
2oz of fuel w/ spreader lasted : 9:25
2oz of fuel without spreader lasted : 9:30

Pros :
Very light weight

Very compact 

For a complete Titanium stove System, the price is great

Good wind protection

Alcohol Stove is fairly efficient - as efficient as one of these stoves can be.

Does an amazing job of focusing the flames and heat up towards your pot or cup

Cools very quickly

Very stable platform for your cooking experience. 

Easy to ignite with matches or a long lighter

Note : I have a very popular video that goes over the pros and cons of using an alcohol stove which you will find interesting.

Because of the way that the flames erupt from the stove, it will heat up the handles of your cup or pot.  You will have to prepare for this so that you can lift the pot from the stove either with a bail handle that stays standing up above the flames or with some sort of mit, wash cloth, etc

Some warping will take place

Titanium is a soft metal & can be bent easily - because of this it is advised that you get yourself some sort of protective case. 

Nonsensical if you plan to use only solid fuel - there are much smaller, much lighter weight solid fuel stoves or you can just build a small platform

Doesn't make sense as a wood stove 

Turbo Plate does little

No simmer ability

I mentioned that the good wind resistance, it’s not great and in windy situations, an additional wind screen would be highly recommended to ensure a high level of efficiency. 

Alcohol is not an efficient fuel…make sure to check out my video on the Truth about using alcohol stoves

No way to easily put out the stove
No storage bag included 
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