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Best Forest Jacket - Fjallraven Greenland Jacket - Review

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Oh yeah, today we are looking at the excellent Fjallraven Greenland Jacket.


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Cost : Retail is a Whopping $225 but you can find these on sale ever so often.  They also appear on Sierra Trading Post from time to time for around $100.

I purchased mine from eBay in 2016 for around $50 and it was used.  That is generally how I can afford Fjallraven gear.

Weight : 1.63lbs for medium

Colors : There are 6 current colors being offered by Fjallraven but you will find even more that have been discontinued around on the net.

Mine is Called Uncle Blue

Variants : There are a lot of different variants of this jacket which Fjallraven offers;

There is the Greeland jacket which you see here, there is the Greenland Winter Jacket which I will show off in the future, the Greenland Down jacket, The Greenland No. 1 Down jacket, the Greenland No.1 Special Edition, the Greenland Winter Parka…and I think that is it.

Sizes : XS – XXL

The jacket is made from wind and water resistant G-1000 Original with double layers of fabric over the shoulders and yoke. The hardwearing fabric also effectively ventilates out moisture when you are active. For extra protection against wind and water, the jacket can be impregnated with Greenland Wax, which will also increase its lifespan. It has a fixed, snugly fitting hood and a two-way zipper with press buttons at the front. It has two chest pockets with flaps and two spacious top-loaded pockets lower down with extra hand pockets behind that are accessible from the side. The sleeve cuffs can be adjusted with press buttons.

·       Outer material: G-1000® Original: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
·       Gender: Male and Female sizes
·       Weight: 740 g in size M

Pockets : 4 item pockets and 2 hand pockets – 1 small hidden pocket on the inside of the jacket – won’t fit a modern phone unless it is very small.  It would hold my son’s iphone 5 but not my wife’s iphone 6s

Start with Cons because the list is short but at the same time very important :

-       PRICE – Very, very expensive.  So expensive that most will skip it.
-       Waterproofing isn’t a quick and easy process
-       For a waterproof layer I would definitely go with something else.
-       Sizing with Fjallraven is often all over the place.  I have had to return many of their products because of sizing issues. This jacket is a small and fits perfectly. I have had other small jackets and I couldn’t wear them at all.

Pros :

Excellent Quality – will last you years of abuse – will last forever with normal wear

Variety of colors

Tough material

Can be made waterproof….just not easily

Fairly lightweight

G1000 material is fast drying, breathable resistant to the wind

Slightly large in Size but that a Good thing for me – I’ve seen some people say that the sizing is off but it is right on with the small size which I am wearing.   Large enough for layering….which you want it to be.

Versatile – worn by itself in mild weather or layered for colder conditions.  In a good dry snow, it performs great.

YYK zippers and good quality snaps

Looks good but doesn’t make a fashion statement.. I have heard from some that Fjallraven is a fashion brand but I can’t agree from my own personal experiences. I have worn Fjallraven gear for years and years and have made a lot of progress with getting the brand known in the US – never have I had someone say; “Luke is that Fjallraven”  In most cases I get asked “what are you wearing”

Review : This is a rough and tough jacket which I absolutely love especially for the price which I got it at.  Would I spent $225 on it?  Doubtful because I am a working man and I don’t have that level of money to spend on a jacket. This is a jacket which you all have seen me wear over the years and I love it.  As a shell to block out minor winds, to block out a dry snow and for forest work, it’s fantastic! It’s comfortable.  Looks good and isn’t what I would call trendy.  No one that I know has ever heard of this brand.  Because of the materials I know that it can take my forward charge through the woods without any fear of destroying it.

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