Wednesday, December 27, 2017

There Aren't Enough Words - Viewer Mail #38

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It's mail time again and as always I am honored and thankful!

You all are the best viewers!


  1. I enjoy all your videos. I live my dream of backpacking etc vicariously through you!! Lol My husband is a paraplegic in a wheelchair so it's impossible for us to get that far out in the wilderness. We do go car camping in a tent and I do love putting some skills to use there. Keep up the great vids and thank you!! I always learn something new!!

  2. Hi Luke! This is Alex Weaver, AlphaWhiskey47, and I would like to add my kudos to you along with Susan above. Susan, I think that is amazing that your husband goes car camping with you! Kudos to you. Several years ago I was a Therapy Gym Coordinator for RIOSA (physical rehab center) in San Antonio, TX. We used to take kids, both paras and quads, to summer camp in Kerrville. So many rewards reaped. Kids and adults experience total incredible personality changes in the great outdoors. God bless you and your husband. Luke, I'm sorry if my comment is in the wrong space but Susan's comment warms my heart. I also enjoy your videos. I have learned so much from you on current gear options and your skills are truly exceptional. I have years of experience going back to age 10 in the back woods of Ohio and now I am 70, still loving the wonderful creations of the outdoors. I recently joined Outdoor Access and it gives me options to lease private property for my ventures from hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking to plinking. The latter is a newbie for me and I am still in search of a SIG 522LR for my new sport; you stirred up a desire in me to possess guns again. I use to have an extensive collection before moving to Hawaii in 1991. I gave them all to my ex who returned to Kentucky after leaving the Air Force herself. After watching your video where you carried your SIG on an overnighter something told me to get into "plinking", now I am in search of one and a Ruger SR522. Also, if you ever do a video review on please let us viewers know. Happy Safe 2018 to you and your family!

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