Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Backcountry Day Hike - (4K) Canon Vixia GX10

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Join Luke in 4K with his latest adventure into the backcountry of Western North Carolina.  A pleasant hike along with a good lunch in the middle of nowhere....and some of the coldest water ever!

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  1. Magnificent scenery! Great job, Luke, and the 4K cam worth every penny! Your videos are always excellent anyway, picture-wise and best sound production period. I think that's why we enjoy your videos so much. Hey Dad, congratulations to your daughter and to you! I know the service she picked and wise choice. I'm retired Air Force but I had the pleasure of working with other military services both American and foreign (NATO). Advise her to stick with it, keep her "nose clean" (my retired military father told me that at age 17 before I took off to basic training), and retire. She will not regret it when those monthly retirement checks come in on the 1st. If she's as intelligent as I think she is try for officer ranks. Double those retirement checks. Just a short MEPS story: We were all in formation in a large exam room and the medical sergeant ordered us to bend over and spread our cheeks. A redhead country boy next to follows that order, however, he sticks his two index fingers in his mouth to "spread his cheeks" :) The sergeant comes over to him, bends over and looks country boy directly into his eyes and quietly says "Take your damn fingers out of your mouth and place them on your ass; then spread your other cheeks." I nearly had a stroke trying to keep from busting out. Anyway, God bless her and protect throughout her career.