Friday, April 5, 2019

Backpack Giveaway - Enter Now

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I like you all so much that I'm doing a Backpack Giveaway!
Enter Now to Win and Good Luck!

Also, Stay Tuned for The Final Word Review of the AmazonBasics 55L Pack.  ;D


  1. My favorite was the Yosemite falls trail. Breath taking doesn't describe it

  2. I love the Appalachian trail. I grew-up just 6 mile off the blue ridge parkway in VA. For my family to watch your's and Susan's YouTube videos is an inspiration. Thank you

  3. Please come out to nature, you and your wife, but without food for three days. Show us how to survive in nature, but you have to look for food and water yourself.
    First of all, kindhearted greetings from Croatia and just continue to do so.
    Božidar Kovačić
    Zagrebačka 86 A
    42000 Varaždin

    1. Just a beginner. I like Sulfur Springs Oklahoma

  4. I would like to see you hike through Joyce Kilmer Forest, and also slick Rock Creek, which is close by. It runs from North Carolina into Tennessee. Slick Rock Creek is very slippery. I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get across. Lol. I really need a new backpack. Mine is 25 years old.

  5. I think I see what's I've had gear that deserved the same fate. Try the GA loop.

  6. Ozark Trail, Eleven Point section, Alton, Missouri.

  7. I love the Tioga Pass! The views are breathtaking and a moderate trail.

  8. You and Susan are an inspiration to my husband and I. We love to walk the creeper trail. We love to watch the road trips that you take with your brother.

  9. Just getting started in hiking. I live in CO. Rocky Mountain National Park is a favorite.

  10. Hi Luke,
    I think you and Susie should come and do some Backpacking in the Great State Of Idaho.

  11. Indeed, Idaho has many awesome trails! :D I might suggest the Sawtooth Mts., starting from area near Stanley ID. It's been a long time, but I greatly enjoyed a couple different loop and "out and back" trails for trips of 3-4 days each. They don't call 'em the "sawtooths" for nothing! :D

  12. I love all the trails up in New Hampshire around Mt. Washington. The trails are AMC maintained trails and have water and shelters but I think the day hikes are best. Stage at base of Mountain in Pinkum Notch it allows climbers and hikers to prepare gear for mountain trips. You can camp at many campgrounds secluded in wooded areas or stay in my favorite town North Conway and its in view of Mt Washington. Ketkamangus highway loops all around the Mt Washington area and white mts with stops at popular cascades can be good hikes too!

  13. I tried to enter but only got a $50000 giveaway contest page.oh well. :-( 😯😒

  14. Hello from Arizona. Well being from Arizona currently. You have to do east and west and all around Sedona area. The scenery is beautiful. Salutation John p Zuniga