Friday, April 26, 2019

Before You Buy - Sierra Designs Clearwing 2 Tent - Setup

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Before you buy any tent it is important to check on the setup process; how easy or how complex is it?

This is the Sierra Designs Clearwing 2 setup video!


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  1. The Clearwing 2 (strange name) seems quite palatial and with two vestibules it would be comfortable for two people. Do they offer any colors that are more subdued? This is another Teletubby play tent. My eye is on a Snugpak Ionosphere however I would like to see other offerings available. I am normally a tarp tent with bug netting or Snugpak jungle hammock set up camper. Unfortunately, some areas are not conducive for tarp use as you well know. Any ideas? One tent or tipi comes to mind but I believe Go-lite (?) went defunct.