Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Protection - Fjallraven Abisko Summer Hat - Review

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Here is something that you don't see every day on Youtube;
the Fjallraven Abisko Summer Hat and it is time for my review!

Link :

Price : $50

Weight : 3oz for small size

Sizes : S- XL

Colors : Grey, Olive and Tan

Developed and tested during Lapland's Arctic summer, Fjallraven made the Abisko Summer Hat to shield the always-present sun from cooking your brain like an over-easy egg. The hat's wide brim folds onto the sides of the hat for less flapping when you're hiking, and an adjustable chinstrap secures it to your head. G-1000 Lite fabric isn't too heavy and allows excess sweat to evaporate. A UPF 40 rating ensures your dome won't burn when subjected to intense sunshine.

·       G-1000 Lite (65% polyester, 35% cotton) fabric
·       Wide brim can be folded and attached to sides with buttons
·       Adjustable chinstrap with cordlock
·       UPF 40

Note : Forget looking this hat up on the US Fjallraven website; to be honest, I have often found the site to be very poor and it can be hard to locate information on products.  For an example, the Abisko hat can’t be located on their site even though the hat came direction from their distribution here in the states.  I had this ordered locally

Note 2 : This is not the Fjallraven Hatfield Hat

Review :

Pros :
Wide Enough to offer excellent protection
Stiff Brim; not floppy.
Continues to wear well even when wet; not waterproof at all but does keep the rain out of your eyes.  You could wax it but if you wax it you lose out on the breathable properties of the G1000
Excellent quality
Strong; the snaps have held up well and Im constantly adjusting this hat based on the changing conditions that we have here in the mountains.

Cons :
The low cut nature of this hat means that it isn’t going to be compatible with all sunglasses.  Depending on the design, it may lift your sunglasses up because the hat is pressing down on the arms.

Material 'holds' dirt!

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