Thursday, April 18, 2019

Osprey Packs UL Packing Cube Set - Kit Bag Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Osprey Packs UL Packing Cube Set!

Link :

Weight : 2.3oz for all three bags

Price : $38

Colors : Shadow Grey which has a hint of green to it and a neon green which they call electric lime

In most cases you will see these bags being used with traveling and while they work great for that purpose, they also work exceptionally well for hiking, backpacking, and so on.

40D Nylon Ripstop
YKK zippers

Created with travel and off road adventure in mind, the Ultralight Packing Cube Set from Osprey are designed to keep adventure packing simple. Created with a rectangular shape for efficient packing, zippered top access pockets and webbed grab handles, the pack set is ready for your next adventure. – Weight of all three bags :

Size small: 1 Litre/15g
Medium: 2L/20g
large: 5L/30g

Kit bags are a great way to keep your gear organized within your backpack; you can have a power kit, fire kit, clothing bag and so on.

Cons :

The only real con for these bags is the cost; $38

that’s Kifaru pricing but the quality is good, the warranty is the best in the busy and these bags are very unfunctional without adding any real weight to your pack.

The Osprey web site continues with the theme of odd and inaccurate information.  For this product the site didn’t include any product specs, and it claimed that a selling point was that the zippers secure the contents.  Yeah osprey, I guess the zippers do secure the contents….thanks for letting us know.

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  1. Great review, Luke. I've been using the same kit bags for several years but they are all mismatched, i.e. colors, shapes , sizes, etc. I just bought a new Savotta pack and because it's an amazing pack I've been shopping for a decent matched set of kit bags and looks like Osprey has the answer. Thanks!