Monday, May 24, 2021

Best Value Out There - USMC FILBE Assault Pack - Updated Long Term Review

This is the USMC FILBE Assault pack and you simply won't believe the value that this backpack offers for the money! It's so good in fact that it will make you think twice before buying any other tactical assault pack.
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FILBE 3 Day Assault Pack Coyote Tan Issued to USMC

Some call this the “FILL-BE” while others break it down, F.I.L.B.E. Calling it the FILBE sounds stupid in my opinion and I continue to call it the much more popular F.I.L.B.E.

FILBE stands for Family of Improved Load Bearing Equipment

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Price : Prices vary greatly depending on condition on eBay; around $50 will get you a good condition used pack.

Speaking of which, finding a new Assault pack is going to be difficult but used condition packs are readily available.

Included : What I would look for when buying one of these is the condition of the pack; get one that doesn’t feature rips or holes; if they are repaired I would check to see what has been done.

Packs should include the frame sheet - make sure that it is present.

Optional : This pack originally came with a top mounted assault pouch, some packs may include them or it may have to be purchased separately if you want it. The price of these is around $25 on eBay at the time of filming.

Weight of Pack : Around 4lbs

Materials : 600 denier Nylon construction - Cordura Nylon. Rubberized YKK Zippers

Dimensions : 20" x 14" x 8"

Capacity : Approx 2300 cubic inches of space - that’s 37L

Designed by Propper, Manufactured by Eagle Industries

NSN : 8465-01-600-7830

The USMC FILBE Assault Pack was designed to be carried on shorter missions by the United States Marine Corps and can be attach to the larger FILBE pack for the long haul. It is easy to access your gear with rubberized water-resistant zippers on a larger main space and a smaller outer compartment. Inside there is a stash / radio pocket to organize your gear or place a hydration bladder and a plastic frame sheet located in its own zippered compartment to add stiffness. The USMC FILBE Assault Pack is made from very durable Cordura Nylon that can take a beating. PALS webbing on each side and the front allows plenty of options to add other pouches as needed like an IFAK or Mag pouch.

Contour shoulder straps, sternum strap and stowable waist belt make the pack comfortable for carrying a heavy load.

Pros :

Increase value - Seriously, for $50 there is no better assault pack on the market from any company; imagine purchasing something similar from any of the big brands and you would be paying $400 easy.

Comfortable as far as a military pack goes - you have to keep in mind that this is a military surplus product; that means it was designed for utility first and comfort second. Overall though, it is a comfortable pac

Adaptable - I’ve used this pack for all sorts of purposes ranging from a day pack to overnight bag; if you plan to use it for an overnight bag, you will have to go with a minimal loadout.

The closed cell foam backing offers some ventilation.

Plenty of Pals webbing so you can attach what you want to where you want to.
Without a doubt this is my go to assault pack. I always have it ready to grab, pack and run if need be.

Carries a 3 liter hydration bladder without issue and does have ports to tube on both the left and right side.

Fairly water resistant

Very stable and solid as far as form goes thanks to the frame sheet.

Cons :

The biggest con for these packs is condition and being able to find it in the condition that you want. Be very careful on eBay, ask questions, look at the pics and get what you are going to be happy with.

When it comes to ventilation, this is a weak point; when hiking in hot conditions or when you are pushing yourself, your back will get wet and so will your shoulders.

Summary :

For the money, this is without a doubt one of the best assault packs on the market. The pack is spacious, tough, comfortable enough and is badass looking. It is versatile, has plenty of attachment areas and is worth the low cost that it is selling for currently.

Speaking of versatility, you can add a wide range of pouches to the pack including sustainment pouches to the sides to dramatically increase size.


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