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What A TERRIBLE Name! SunDick Folding Table - Is It a Worthy OneTigris A...

Many have been waiting for the review of this Folding Table to go live and today is the day!

Pros, Cons, and Completely Agenda Free!

This is the Sundick Folding Table, is it a Worthy Clone of the OneTigris Table?

Find out now!
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Sundick Table Agenda Free Review

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Price : Varies depending on where the table ships from
If it ships from the USA, the cost of the table is $18.65 but you will pay $28.21 in shipping fees = $46.86

Note : Cost will vary slightly depending on the color that you order; but at the time of filming by only 2 cents.

If it ships from China, the table costs $26.79 and you will pay $7.87 in shipping fees = $34.66

These tables can also be found on eBay and the price varies from $42 to over $52 shipped.

How I ordered it : I went with the less expensive option and had it shipped from China.

Colors : Multicam, Coyote, Black, Green

Materials : Aluminum Alloy, 1000D Cardula Fabric

Measurements : 16” deep x 23 3/4” long x 15 1.4” tall

Load Bearing : 44lbs

Weight : 1lb 12.5oz

OneTigris Table Materials : MultiCam® 500D Cordura Nylon, 7075 Aluminum Alloy Frame
Weight : 2lbs 1oz without the side panels

Measurements : 15 3/4” deep x 23” long x 15” tall

Weight Limit : I went back through my notes on the OneTigris table and I saw nothing mentioned about a quoted weight limit from OneTigris.

Price : $70

Review Pros :

For all extensive purposes this is a good copy of the OneTigris Folding Table.

The overall quality is very good; I’ve had no issues with the table and there are no loose threads or weaknesses that I see.

If I had to pick one over the other for quality, the OneTigris would be the winner but for most uses the Sundick will be fine.

Fairly easy Setup and break down is easy – it can be a bit difficult with the pulling of the table top and connecting it to the frame.

Weight is good but it isn’t ultralight

Storage bag is of a good size - fits the table and frame easily. It is larger than the OneTigris Table.

Price isn’t bad for this table especially when you compare it to the OneTigris offering.

Offers a fairly stable platform to utilize; it does have the ridges which make it more rigid and isn't completely flat.

Review Cons :

1000D Cardula Fabric - I can’t help but wonder if this wasn’t an intentional typo made to make it sound like this table is made from Cordura Nylon. While I’m not sure what the table top and storage bag materials is for certain, it feels like a polyester to me and I would guess that it is a 500D instead of a 1000D. It just doesn’t feel right to me and in the end, there is no telling.

Name : Unfortunate Name - haha - I asked a friend of mine who lives in China what it means and she told me that it translates to sunbathing; to be out in the sun or something along those lines.

Pricing is a bit of mess on AliExpress - you have to pay attention or you could pay a good bit more.

Putting the top on the table can be a bit of a battle as it is a very tight fit. It’s not overly difficult but it might give you a moment of pushing and pulling to get it into place. Speaking of which, when I received my table, it was so tight that one corner seemed to be pulled up a bit compared to the others, it has since relaxed.

Summary :

Overall I have really enjoyed using this table and in fact, it is virtually identical to the OneTigris model. The fact that it is much less expensive is a plus as I felt the OneTigris model was very expensive. Of course, you did get Cordura materials and to be frank I have no idea what you get with this SunDick Table.

I used it for day hikes, overlanding, and for backpack trips. For backpacking purposes, it is a bit heavy unless you are willing to take this as a luxury item.

Perfect for day camps.

If you don’t want to fool around with AliExpress luckily you can find the table on eBay. It will be coming from China as well and will likely take as much time to arrive.

With TOGR, I am agenda free and it isn’t my place to say whether or not you should spend your money on an item; I share my thoughts, feelings, findings and experiences and you can make up your mind from there.

Do you have any experience with SunDick, please say yes and we can all make jokes at your expense. Also it will help everyone out as well.

Please comment down below, share your thoughts!

Also, please share your experiences with AliExpress, good and bad.
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