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Real Overland Review - Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh Power Station

When It comes to products like this, you will often times find videos on Youtube which amount to nothing more than unboxings but with TOGR we do things differently;

I've been testing this product for over many months, I've taken it across the country to Utah and New Mexico and have relied on it for countless adventures into the middle of nowhere and I have a lot to share.
This is a real overland review of the Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh Power Station.
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Bluetti AC200P 2000Wh/2000W Portable Power Station

Forward :
Recently I posted my road trip videos to New Mexico and Utah and I stated in one of those that I was having an issue with the AC200P and not being able to charge it via 12V DC; That issue has been solved and turns out to be an issue with my truck and not the unit itself. I’ll explain more on that in a moment but wanted to make that correction from the get go.

With TOGR, the channel is Agenda Free and this episode is to provide information only; this video has nothing to do with selling products as your decision is yours and I don’t care what you do.

YT is full of channels selling things, this is not one of them. I get no commissions on sales, I don’t do tracking links or affiliate money.

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Price : $2000

Weight : 60lbs

Measurements :16.5*11*15.2inch

LiFePO4 Battery Cell
Pack Capacity : 2000Wh/2000W
Lifecycles :3500+ Cycles
Shelf-Life : Charge Every 3-6 Months
Management System : 'MPPT' Charge Controller, Low Battery Protection

Warranty : 24 Months

Capacity, Capability and Surge : 2000Wh - 2000w Continous with Surge 4800W.

Ports :
17 Output Ports Meet Multiple Devices

6*AC Outlets(Pure Sine Wave) For Most Household Appliance Under 2000W Such As Blender,Vacuums,Refrigerator, Household Dryer, Steam Mops.1*DC12V/10A Constant 12V For Car Powered Devices.

2* DC 12V/3A For Led Light,Router.1*DC12V/25A For DIYer ,RV And Some Car-Powered Device With Higher Current.1*PD 60W USB-C Faster Charge For PD Type-C Devices Such As Macbook,Macbook Air/Pro And Others.

2*Wireless Charging (Max 15W),And 4*5V/3A USB-A For Smartphone,Tablet,Led Lamp And Other 5V Usb Devices.

Charging :
AC Adapter (Included): 4.5
2 AC Adapters : 2 hours
Car Charger (Included): 12V/ 24V (roughly 14 hours 12v, 7 hours for 24v)

Includes : Power station, AC Adapter, Car Charging Cable, MC4 Solar Charging Cable, XT90 to Aviation plug, and user Manual

Pros :
- Impressive build quality

- excellent design

- Good screen and information presented

- Tons of ports - this is the gold standard for power stations

- Charging pads - I didn’t think I would care about this feature but it is awesome and it saves - USB ports for other devices.

- Plenty of charging options

-Incredible number of charges thanks to the battery technology. While some power stations are good for 800 charges, this one is good for thousands.

-Impressive surge levels which means that you can fire up just about any normal device and it won’t trip any of the safety systems. It will handle the serge and then the continuous draw.

-Can be charged insanely fast with two charging bricks or other combinations of charging such as AC and Solar.

- Can be charged via 12V DC charge charger

Cons :

Heavy - but it offers a ton of capacity so that is expected. I would consider how you are going to use it and decide if that is going to be an issue.

Can’t see the screen in the sun
Screen does seem a bit fragile - mess this screen up and you won’t be able to turn on the ports.

USB ports are not quick charge

Summary :

The capacity of this power station is impressive and thanks to its inverter, there isn’t much that you can’t power. Just about most items in your home could be used with this device.

The number of ports is incredible and is the standard when it comes to power stations.

If you have an off-grid site and need power which works effortlessly with solar panels, this is a very compelling option.

For overlanding use, it is a usable device but the size and weight needs to be considered. Also, I haven’t been able to charge the device with 12v DC and I have seen other YouTubers having issues as well. One may have had a fuse blown but wasn’t sure if it was the cause or not.

Speaking of overland use, I recently took this on a 4,000 mile road trip and this was more than enough power for over 10 days of use without having to charge it.
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