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Do You Need this Much Protection? - KÜHL (Kuhl) Sun Blade Hat with Mesh ...

In this episode of TOGR, Luke is sharing his thoughts concerning the KÜHL Sun Blade Hat after putting it to the test in the deserts of New Mexico and Utah.
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Kuhl Sun Blade Hat with Mesh

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Price : $50

Sizes : Small to Medium and Large to X-large
L/XL: 23.2 inches
S/M: 22.4 inches

Colors : Carbon, Sand Dune, Dark Forest

Versions : There is two versions of this hat, one with a mesh ring and one without. The mesh version offers the best breathability while the other offers the best highest level of sun protection.

Materials : Fabric 1: main body: 100% Nylon| 3.2 oz/sq. yd; 109 GSM

Fabric 2 : 100% Polyester| 3.2 oz/sq. yd; 109 GSM

Features :

Designed by the wind and built for high speed sports, KÜHL’s SUN BLADE™ HAT WITH MESH maintains UV protection while other hats are blown away. Sun-roof tested to remain secure at up to 40 mph, you’ll stay sheltered from the sun (UPF 50) whatever your active pursuit. The strategically placed 3D mesh keeps fabric off your skin and provides cooling ventilation. Our unique two-way brim design won’t flop in the breeze with either end forward.

Removable cord and cord lock

Can be worn with either brim forward -

Deep curved brim shape for sun protection when lounging and longer brim forward for more active pursuits

High wicking, cooling sweatband activates w/ moisture

Under brim is a dark neutral grey that reduces glare by absorbing light from the widest spectrum

ICEKÜHL Innovative cooling technology reduces skin temperature to help keep you cool

UPF 50

3D Mesh designed to keep fabric off your skin & placed strategically for ventilation

As with all products, there are some pros & cons and we’ll go over those now.

Pros :
Comfortable to wear

Low profile

Wears well with sunglasses

comfortable chin strap


brim is large enough to protect from the sun yet angled so it doesn’t catch the wind Unless you look up....

I really like the concept of two different length brim. With a backpack or high back chair just use the short brim in back. Yet in open sunshine spin the hat & have protection on your neck & sufficient brim to cover your face.

Provides overall excellent protection from the sun - face, ears, top of head & neck. The Sun Blade's asymmetrical brim is unique in our test group: it's 4" wide in back, 3" in front, & 2" on either side, and it's reversible back-to-front. This all adds up to a mixed bag in terms of sun protection. On the plus side, 3-4" is relatively wide compared to other models in our test group, & the reversibility means that you can increase protection on your face or your neck depending on where the sun is. On the other hand, the 2" side brims is a bit narrow which makes sense considering the shape of the hat but luckily the side brim is sits rather low and the protection is adequate.

Brims are stiff enough to withstand strong winds - no flopping around like with large wind hats.

Very good breathability on top

Price is reasonable.

Cons :

However the length of the brims in the back made it difficult to look up very much as it would dig into the top of the life jacket.

The back can brush against your pack or shoulders when you look up.

I like the shape of this trip; speaking of shape, this hat is not packable & if you deform it by bending the brims, you will permanently mess this hat up. Consider this if you are traveling, if you have to store this inside of your luggage it could be destroyed.

It's not adjustable and only comes in two sizes, so unless one of those sizes happens to fit you just right, you're going to be wearing a hat that's either too loose or too tight.

Summary :

There are many sun hats out on the market today & this just so happens to be the one that I selected for my desert adventures and I can easily recommend it. I enjoyed wearing it for numerous days including a 20 backpacking adventure throughout the New Mexico Badlands.

It’s comfortable, breathable, offers excellent sun protection & handles strong winds with ease. The price is good, so is the quality & I like the way that it looks. Again, that is subjective and like a pair of sunglasses, one should try it one before purchase.

Again, this hat can not be packed, it can’t be folded & if you travel on a flight you will have to basically wear it or hold it as it can’t be deformed or it could permanently damage the shape of the hat.
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