Friday, May 28, 2021

Facing the Storm - Multiday OneTigris Hot Tent Adventure with Bushcraft ...

As a cold front pushes into the Mountains of NC, Luke the Lone Wolf is out for an adventure and this time, he's in a HOT TENT!

Heavy Rain and Strong Winds are battling against him as he builds a bushcraft table in this Wild Camp Adventure.

After receiving countless messages from viewers about supporting the channel through Amazon, I have begun using Amazon Affiliate links in the Adventure Videos and if you choose to purchase one of these products via these links I will receive a small commission which will help fund future honest reviews and adventures.

The channel remains as it always was, 100% Agenda Free with no sponsored videos, no paid reviews, and I don't care if you purchase these products or not; you won't find affiliate links in review videos only in adventures.

I'm going to do my best to put gear lists into all of my videos since everyone is asking for them all the time.

For this trip, here are the big items that I used.

Gear List :
OneTigris Iron Wall Tent :
OneTigris Stove :
OneTigris Stove Jack :
OneTigris Folding Chair :
Granite Gear Chief Backpack :
Alps Mountaineering Cot :
Snugpak Jungle Blanket :
Fjällräven Vidda Pro Ventilated Pants :
SCARPA Men's Kailash Trek GTX Hiking Boot :
Stanley CookSet :
Toaks 750ML Pot with Bail Handle :
TOAKS Titanium Long Handle Spoon with Polished Bowl :
Esbit 1100ML Stove :
Esbit 27g Fuel Tabs :
OneTigris Chair (Coyote Color) :
Sven Saw 15" :
Bank Line :
Carman Canvas Tarp :
Fenix HM65R-T Headlamp :
Kershaw Cryo II Folding Knife :
100% Agenda Free :
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