Sunday, September 19, 2021

Definitely Different! - The New OneTigris Highback Chair - Versus

In this episode, Luke is taking a look at a New OneTigris Product;
The Highback Foldable Camping Chair!

He will share his thoughts and compare it to the "regular" version.

This is definitely different!
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Highback OneTigris Chair : Definitely Different!

Highback Chair Agenda Free Link :

Regular Chair Agenda Free Link :

Highback Chair Price : $60
Regular Chair Price : $50
Exception, Multicam Regular Size is $60

Highback Chair Colors
: Black and Coyote Brown
Regular Chair Colors : Multicam Black and Coyote Brown

Chair Materials :
600D Polyester Fabric
7075 Aluminum Alloy Frame
Exception - Multicam version uses a 500D Cordura Nylon

Highback Chair Weight : Around 3.16lbs
Regular Chair Weight : Around 2.5lbs (there is some variance depending on color)

Highback Chair Weight Capacity : 330lbs
Regular Chair Weight Capacity : 330lbs

Review Pros :
Excellent quality chair
Easy to setup
Easy to break down
I like that OneTigris is offering color options; camo and Coyote, both i like
Works well inside of a truck when overlanding, inside of a hot tent or around a camp fire
Excellent weight limit
Good height for average height individuals
Larger storage bag; easier to get chair in and out of
Price is excellent; lower than many comparable products

Review Cons :

Side Pockets are worthless - would rather the company remove them from production to save some weight.

For these chairs, I have no real cons to mention other than size; while I have friends who are over 6ft who sit in these with no problem the chair does feel small even to me.

The focus of these chairs is to fit the needs in terms of weight and comfort for a majority of users and for some, they may find that these chairs aren’t a good fit.

Ultimately though, with the new chairs, there isn’t much to complain about; the quality continues to be excellent, the improvements they made are excellent.

There are less expensive chairs on the market but most don’t offer you the same weight limits or color options.

Which do I like?
Which do you like?


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