Wednesday, September 29, 2021

First Look at a Winter Ready Japanese Canister Stove - SOTO Fusion Trek ...

In this episode Luke is taking a look at an imported Japanese Stove from the company known as SOTO. This is the SOTO Fusion Trek SOD-330 Stove and it is certainly different.....

Different and Awesome!

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SOTO Fusion Trek SOD-330 Stove - Preview and First Look

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Includes :
Instructions - All in Japanese
Carry Bag

Materials :
Stainless Head

Weight :
Stove - 6.5oz
Stove and Storage Bag - 6.9oz

Dimensions :
Head : 2.5” wide
Setup : 4” tall x 5.5” wide
Hose - 10.5” long
Folded : 4” tall x 4.5” wide

Output Power : 11,260 BTU’s or 3.3kw

Price : Around $140 but this is going to vary

Versions : There is a SOTO ST-330 stove which runs on butane that is different than this one, from what I understand the SOD-330 which you see here is for higher elevations as it is able to operate in colder conditions. Made for mountaineering, alpine and camping purposes.

Pro Observations :
Large Burner Head
Intergrated Windscreen
Long fuel to stove hose
Good tension on the Adjustor
Large pot supports, going to work very well with large pots and pans. Shouldn’t be an issue even with smaller cups.

Aggressive ridges on the pot supports to help with slipping

Regular will help with low canister pressure and with cold temps so we should have good power in most conditions.

Boil time? 16oz of water -
2:42 seconds with the Soto Wind Master
2:58 MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe stove

Cons Observations :
Doesn’t include an Ignitor

Purchasing :
Let’s talk about purchasing one of these stoves or any other SOTO product. First off, Soto does have products which they offer in the USA but not all that they manufacture is available and once you start looking at their Japanese offerings, they have some really good products.

With this stove, if you want one or any other product from the company, eBay is going to be an excellent source. I’ve personally imported a number of products from here and have had zero products and this is what I do.

I do a search for the product that I am interested in, if I can find it and I like the price I will buy it and await its arrival.

If I can’t find it, I will search for just Soto for an example and find an eBay store that sells such products and then I will send them a message asking if they could get the product for me and put up a listing for me. We arrange the price and all of that and it always worked out very well for me.

Tip : Be polite and courteous; don’t just ask for whatever it is that you are interested in - you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish with a little kindness and you may be equally surprised at what you won’t be able to accomplish without it.

For an example, send me an email that Says “Tell me Best tent.”
Get bent, I won’t waste my time answering it. This is how the world works.

There are also importer services that can be found online but I’m not entirely sure how those work.

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