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The Value of this Tent is Insane - Best Military Tactical Tent - LiteFig...

This is the LiteFighter 1 military tent and it is one of the most versatile shelter systems (both military and civilian) out on the market today especially when you consider just how easy it can be converted to a 4 season winter tent.

The Value of this tent is going to BLOW YOU AWAY!

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Best Military Tent - LiteFighter 1 Individual Shelter System

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Price : From LiteFighter $334 for Coyote Brown, $346 for OCP Camo - surplus price ranges $100 - $200 on eBay.

Weight : 4lbs 12oz for the entire kit minus the groundsheet

Colors :
Coyote and OCP Camo

Materials :
Fly : 40D Nylon Ripstop 5000mm PU
Body Mesh : 40D Poly Knit Mesh (Permethrin Treated)
Body Floor : 70D Nylon Ripstop 5000mm PU
Poles : Ghost Bone Ballistic Fiber with spider hub and all-weather shock cord. New ballistic fiber pole frames are lighter, stronger, flexible, and most importantly wind resistant.

Old Poles : Aluminum Pressfit w/ All Weather Shock Cord

Measurements :
Packed : 6” x 16”
Setup :

Versions : 1 person and 2

Uses : On the Ground or on a US Military Cot

Setups : In addition to traditional setups with the body and the fly, one can setup the tent with the fly and the groundsheet and leave the body behind

Single door

Freestanding tent with only the door needing to be anchored

Season :
3+ season tent. Because this tent is military grade it has been designed to be stronger than your average backpacking 3 season tent. Taking those points into account and combining this tent with the genius LiteFighter Cold Weather Kit (windbreaker) and you have a robust 4 season shelter system that is capable of handing fairly strong winds and snow loading.

For the worst of winter conditions, a true double wall 4 season shelter would be recommended but for 3 - 4 season hybrid, this tent is incredibly functional.

Review Pros :
One of the Best Bang for the Buck tent systems out on the market today

Military Awesome shelter system
Love the camo and the colors
Excellent quality
Easy to setup and breakdown

As for the tent being waterproof, I have had two versions of this tent; one that I purchased from eBay and one that I got directly from Litefighter. The eBay version stated it was new but I did have some issues with leaking from a single hole above the door; I seam sealed it and the problem was solved. The tent could have been used….you know how eBay can be.

The model that I got from the company hasn’t had any issues and remains exceptionally waterproof even in heavy down pours from thunderstorms.

I’ve had this tent in winds around 40mph with no issues.
Snow loading around 6” with no issues

Ventilation is very good with this tent.

Condensation can develop on any tent and this is no different but the body does pull away from the fly well enough and the ventilation is good enough that it hasn’t been an issue during my year around testing.

The Bug mesh has kept the bugs out

Weight is a good for a 3+ season tent - Yes it is almost 5lbs but you have to remember this is a military product. Nuff said. Complaining about the weight of a military product is like buying a Chrysler and then complaining about it breaking down…..these aspects go hand in hand.

It’s a very versatile system that can be setup in numerous ways.

Price - for a military tent the pricing isn’t bad at all. From the company it is fair and in the form of surplus, it is fairly inexpensive; surplus price ranges $100 - $200 on eBay.

With the cold weather kit, this tent can be made to be even more capable and the use can be extended into the 4th season. It really works well and is one of the smartest products that I have seen in a long time. My review on that is coming up next week.

Review Cons :

Summary :
After testing just about every single US military tent that is available, this is my choice for the best of the best. It features the most civilian of designs while being exceptionally strong and capable.

It’s highly waterproof, very stable in wind and with the cold weather kit, it makes for an excellent 3+ season tent.

For those who like tactical products and for military personnel, this is the tent that I recommend; it is a far better product than anything that predates it. It is currently being utilized by US military forces and can be easily recommended.


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