Tuesday, September 21, 2021

It's New But Is It Different? - OneTigris Foldable Tent Camping Cot - Fi...

OneTigris has been on a role lately with new products including this Camping Cot; is there something special here with this product or is it a copy of other cots that are already on the market?

Find out now!
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OneTigris Tent Camping Cot :
Agenda Free Link : https://www.onetigris.com/foldable-camping-cot.html

Price : $160

Colors : Coyote and Black

Materials :
420D Oxford Fabric
7075 Alumunym Alloy

Weight : 8.5lbs

Weight Capacity : 330

Impressions so far :
Quality seems to be excellent
Adjustable height
Very tight laying platform
Side Pockets good size
Storage bag is of a good size
Weight isn’t bad considering the size of this cot. Some cots that are comparable in size are rather heavy with some being over 20lbs. The weight of this cot is virtually the same as the Alps Mountaineering cot that I like so much but this is substantially more adjustable.


Setup process is lengthy - it takes time and also some muscle. I have an injured arm and find the setup to be difficult.

Large form factor

Not a unique design - when I saw that OT had brought a cot to the market, I was thinking that the design looked familiar; other companies offer the same product and they are less expensive. In some cases, around $50 less expensive but I will admit, the OneTigris version looks better. Aterpa is one such brands. If weight is important, this brand may be something that you want to check out as it features a different top fabric which is just as strong but is a few pounds lighter.

In a world of copycat products it is a bit disappointing to see that nothing new has been done here with this cot design but with that being said, what is present is makes makes a good quality cot.

This cot is going into testing now and I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences in the future along with adventures with this product.


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