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Never Seen Anything Like It - Military Tent 4 Season Conversion Kit - Li...

This is one of the most genius products I have reviewed in years!

Recently I reviewed the LiteFighter 1 tent and talked about how versatile of a shelter system it is and in this episode I am reviewing the Cold Weather 4 Season Conversion Kit that goes with it.

This is an excellent option for converting a 3 season tent into a 4 season one and it simply works!

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LiteFighter 1 – Cold Weather Kit - 4 Season Protection for a 3 Season Tent

Product Purpose :

This is a product that I have been waiting to show off all year and finally it is beginning to get cold enough to use and to begin testing it out. The purpose of this product is to act as an addon for any of the LiteFighter 1 person military tents and with this addon, it converts their 3 season tent to a 4 season tent by adding a layer of rip stop nylon over the top of the existing mesh fabric which holds in hold and block wind from circulation inside of your tent.

While I can’t comment on how effective it is yet I can tell you that if this works as it is meant to, it could be a game changer as far as 3 season tent use within the 4th season.

In the warmer months, you run the tent as-is but when the temps drop, you grab the cold weather kit and you can stay far warmer by holding in some warmer air and by blocking the wind.

At the same time, you still retain all of the ventilation performance of the original tent design.

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Price : $120.18

Weight : 14.5

Materials : 30 Denier water resistant nylon.

Color : Coyote Tan

Measurements : 5 x 5 x 5

Included with the LiteFighter 1 Cold Weather Kit

Wind breaker cold weather inner tent cover.

4 snow/sand anchors designed for filling with snow or sand.

Carry sack.

Review Pros :

Incredibly smart design - seriously folks, this is an excellent option for converting a 3 season tent into a 4 season one. It works because the LiteFighter 1 is a strong tent to begin with; such a product isn’t going to magically turn an ultralight Big Agnes tent into a 4 season monster or anything like that.

Speaking of which, can this be used with other 1 person tents that share in the same general design as the Litefighter 1? That is an excellent question….I don’t know but I will do some experimenting.

It works; this cold weather kit works and it works really well - it does all that Litefighter claimed - it blocks wind, it holds in some warmth and it blocks blowing snow.

I’ve taken this out in heavy snow and had no issues.

I’ve taken this out into strong winds, had no issues.

I’ve taken this out into cold temps and it does hold in warmth while blocking out cold drafts and while releasing moisture. Condensation wasn’t an issue at all.

In my initial preview concerning this product, I spoke of a concern that I had with the sides being blown and having wind come into the tent, in some situations I am sure that it is possible but with my setups in windy conditions this hasn’t been a problem at all.

Quality is excellent

Price is very fair - since I took a look filmed my initial impressions, the price of this system has increased by roughly $20 but with inflation and how poor the economy is with the latest administration, this is to be expected.

Installing is easy enough - but, going to the cons….

Review Cons :

Setup process does take time - it adds roughly 5 minutes to the overall setup of the LiteFighter 1 tent. A positive to that is that once you have it setup, you can break the tent down with the kit on and simple roll it up and the next setup will be much faster.

Summary :
Without a doubt, this is one of the coolest products that I have seen in years; with the majority of outdoor products, they involve slight alterations to existing products but this is different; in many ways it is a game changer - it’s smart, effective and not overly expensive.

I can easily recommend it for your LiteFighter 1 tent system -


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