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Have You Seen a Lighter Weight Blanket Before? Get Out Gear Down Puffy C...

This is the Get Out Gear Down Puffy Camping Blanket;
It's insanely lightweight and can be used in multiple ways but does that mean that it is worth your hard-earned money?

Find out now in this Agenda Free Review.

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Get Out Gear Down Puffy Camping Blanket - Review

What is it : This is an ultralight summer time down blanket that can be used in numerous ways. For an example, I’ve taken this across the country as part of my overlanding kit, I’ve taken it backpacking and after a long testing period, I am ready to share my thoughts.

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Price : $70

Materials :
20D Ripstop
650 Fill Down (80/20 blend of duck down and weathers)

Weight :
Company claims 1.1lbs with stuff sack - accurate

Measurements :

Colors :
Black, Blue, Grey, Green, Orange, Blue

Versions :
Down and Synthetic - The Synthetic version is heavier and is slightly less expensive.
More about it in a minute

Features :
Durable Water Repellent coating
Can be worn as a poncho with included snaps
Roll top Stuff bag

Temp Rating : This is going to be very, very subjective as everyone is different when it comes to temperature and what they find comfortable.

For myself, it has kept me warm down to 50F while wearing clothing; shirt, socks and pants. I tend to run hot.

For Susie, it has kept her warm down to around 60 and she runs cold.

Keep in mind that this is a 1lb blanket, don’t expect to be rocking this by itself in cold weather and you’ll be fine. Again, temp rating are very suggestive; there is going to be someone out there who says they used it below freezing in a blizzard on Everest and they were hot…..but that isn’t going to be the case for most people. The temp range that I stated is reasonably accurate.

Review Pros :

Excellent warm weather insulation option;
Overall quality is good; stitching is good, snaps are good.

Nylon material is comfortable against the skin.

Extremely lightweight

Excellent supplemental insulation layer; in other words, when using this with additional components it shines; use it with a sleeping bag liner, use it to add some warmth to your existing sleeping bag.

Example : I have a sleeping bag liner from Carinthia and in conjunction with this blanket, low 40’s is easily achievable and together it’s a lightweight kit.

Good color options

Very compressible.

Stuff bag is excellent - good size, easy to stuff, roll top

Price is comparable to other offersing

Review Cons :

With that being said, for what you are receiving as far as down goes, less than a pound, this blanket feel expensive. Susie thought that it cost $35 and was shocked to see a price tag of $70.

Small - some individuals will want and need a larger blanket - this is not very wide. Because it is so small, it is easy to become uncovered as you toss and turn throughout the night.


Snaps - As is, I do not find them to be useful - I would have liked to see snaps on the top and bottom - it would help with staying warm in cool conditions as it would prevent the blanket from falling away when tossing and turning.

A foot box would be very beneficial and would be easy to add to this product.

Down loss : Susie and I both have one of these blankets and we both experienced some initial down loss which has stopped. I never saw where the features were coming from but when we got them and first used them we both had feathers on us during the first couple of nights out. Feathers might have been in the stuff bag…not sure

Summary Review :

I have gone over a lot of pros and cons and I’m sure that you are wondering, do i recommend this or not;

There is a time and a place for this product and I wish that the company was a bit more forthcoming about when that time was. The company claims that it is comfortable 45F with a sleeping pad but I do not find that to be accurate.

There are the issues with the measurements and then the difficulty to distinguish the down from the synthetic versions.

I do like the product and there are times and ways to use it where it works well; for some it will be worth it and for others, this is not going to be a beneficial product.

Comment down below, what do you think of this down blanket? Is this a product for you?

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