Tuesday, October 19, 2021

This Tent is Really BIZARRE! ZEROGRAM El Chalten Pro 2.5 Person Tent - A...

This is the ZeroGram El Chalten Pro 2.5 person tent which happens to be one of the weirdest tents I have ever tested.
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ZEROGRAM El Chalten Pro 2.5 Person Tent

Agenda Free Link : https://www.zerogramgear.com/108/?idx=612

Agenda Free Link : https://www.amazon.com/ZEROGRAM-Chalten-Backpacking-Lightweight-Tent-Sand/dp/B084FXL79T

Price :
Retail $560
Amazon Currently $533

Weight : 4lbs

Measurements :
82.6” long x 61” wide x 41.3” tall

Versions :
1.5 P, 2P, 2.5P, 4P

Doors : 2

Best Use : Late 3 Season even though the company claims this to be a 4 season tent.

Semi-free standing with only the doors having to be staked.

Materials :
Pole material : DAC NSL 9mm
Inner fabric : 20D Monofila
Rainfly fabric : 15D N/R silicone/PU coated
Floor fabric : 20D N/R silicone/PU coated

Review Pros :
Excellent quality materials and construction
Fly first design - tent stays dry when setting up the shelter in the rain.
Easy setup
Extremely waterproof
Good overall breathability - condensation levels are within reason
Ventilation is good.
Tons of space with the 2.5 version. Plenty of room for 2 people and their gear.
Plenty of pockets
Good vestibules
Inner fabrics does block some wind and hold in some heat -
Good size stuff sack
Hook for the door is smart and easy to use

Good weight for a 2.5p tent
Poles are robust

Review Cons
No way to guy the tent out - only with 2 season tents have I seen this before and for a 4 season tent it is unbelievable that there are no upper guy points - especially considering how tall this tent is.

You have to stake the tent out around the bottom and that’s it which makes this tent dangerous for strong winds. If you can’t anchor a tent from the top down, you put an incredible amount of force on the lower points. I’ve seen tents shredded because the users didn’t guy out the top of a tent….the problem they had were because of a choice, with this tent, it doesn’t even give you the option.

To add to the stake out problems, not enough tent stakes are included; you get 6 but you need 8. For a tent that is this expensive it’s crazy that you don’t receive enough to fully stake it out.

Pole clips do not inspire confidence and shouldn’t be tested in strong winds. They don’t snap into place as securely as you think they should.

Poles are exposed and are going to be subject to freezing if used in the winter months.

I spoke of the inner fabric, it does block some wind and hold in some heat but it’s thinner than your average 4 season tent fabric so it isn’t as effective as it could be. In breezy conditions you will feel the air coming through.

No mesh for the doors - limits airflow

Yellow fly and inner makes for a very bright inside; with sun overhead, you might have to wear your sunglasses.

Price is a con : very expensive

Summary :

This tent is a real oddity and it has left Susie and scratching our heads. We love the quality, the size, the space, the setup & the waterproofness but it’s insanely expensive and this is going to be a limited use shelter because of the reasons stated.

Because it is a double wall tent & the fact that it has a fabric inner that is thinner than the average 4 season tent, the window of time to use this tent is very limited.

It’s blocks too much air & holds in too much warmth for summer use & doesn’t block enough wind and hold in enough warmth for winter use.

In my opinion, this is a fall only tent; low bugs, temps around 70F & below. It could handle some minor snowloading but isn’t recommended for any sort of wind.

Susie & I were talking about this tent, we want to like it but because of the oddities it simply doesn’t make any sense but with some alterations & a lower price tag, this could be an awesome shelter.

The company needs to make up their mind, is this a 3 season tent or a 4 season tent? One tent for all seasons doesn’t make sense & unfortunately that is how this tent is recommended by Zero Gram.

Add guy points, change the pole clips……


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