Wednesday, October 6, 2021

What Makes This a Good Pad (and a Bad One)? Decathlon Forclaz Air Short ...

In this Episode of TOGR, Luke is reviewing a half Pad from Decathlon;
Why is the Forclaz Air Short Trek 700 sleeping pad so good?

Find out now!
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Decathlon Forclaz Air Short Trek 700 Sleeping Pad Review

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Price : $45

Weight : 13.3 oz with the storage bag

Materials :
Thermoplastic polyurethane and polyester

Measurements :
Inflated : 47.2” x 20.5” x 2.2”
Stored : 3.3” x 8.3”

Sizes : One only - no XL versions

Colors : Gray Only

R-Value : 1.6

Chambers : 8

Review Pros :
Small sizer pad which is great for summer use
Compact size
Good thickness - certainly keeps you off of the ground thanks to the chambers

Good quality - I’ve had no issues with leaking air
Excellent valves - two way and anti-return
Easy to inflate and to release air
Easy to adjust firmness

Comfortable - the chambers are thick enough to keep your body off of the ground. Firmness is adjustable so you can get the right level for you rather easily. Firm or soft while staying off of the ground.

While those are the pros, there is a con to mention and I speak of this in a moment.

Review Cons :

My biggest issue with the pad are the no slip silicone patches that are on top of this pad; if you are using a sleeping bag then it won’t be an issue and the pad is comfortable but if you are using a blanket or a quilt they may be.

For summer use, I tend to use a quilt or blanket and these pads pull my hair when I am tossing and turning. They will pull at your clothing making tossing and turning more of an experience than it really needs to be.

To me it is a bit weird that the pad has silicon patches on top instead of the bottom; falling off of a pad isn’t a problem with most pads but having a pad slip around is.

You can turn the pad over and that is what I do; but you will have the air valves next to your head; with a pillow I haven’t found this to be an issue and is a more comfortable way to use the pad.

What the company needs to think about here is that this a half mat, a short mat and these are used in warmer conditions and having those anti slip patches aren’t really needed.

Small storage bag - a little larger would make for easier rolling up of the pad and putting the pad in.

Advice : Throw away the storage bag, use it for something else; use a rubber band to keep it compressed when out on a trip. The bag is irritating to use and will require you to roll it tightly so that it fits.

Slightly loud when moving around

Summary :

I like half mats, short mats, and I like this pad for the money. The overall quality is very good, it offers good comfort for the money even though it could be better. Again, the silicon patches are a bit weird to me but turning the pad over does make them more useful.

Talking about use, I like half pads in warmer conditions and tend to stop using them once the temp goes below 50f.

This pad is good enough that I am interested in checking out the full size versions; for the money, they may be hard to beat. We will see about that soon enough.

Complaint : This has nothing to do with the pad itself and is more of a mentionable for Decathlon; work on your website and how products are presented when searching. When I went to their site to look at sleeping pads, I typed in Sleeping Pad and it brought up nothing but sleeping bags.

I typed in sleeping mat and it brought up tents.

I type in air mat and it brought up foam pads.

I then typed in air mattress and it finally brought up what i was looking for.

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