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What's So Special? Nite Ize 300 and 314 Radiant Rechargeable Lanterns - ...

This is the Nite Ize Radiant Rechargeable Lantern and in this episode Luke is giving it to you straight; the good and bad about this lantern and the other versions that are out on the market.
Pros, Cons, Problems and More.

Find out now What's So Special about this Lantern in this Agenda Free Review.
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What it is : This is a rechargeable lantern that can also be used as a battery bank.

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Versions :
300 Lumens
314 Lumens
There is also a 400 Lumen version; it looks similar but doesn’t feature the built in battery.

Battery Size : 2,600mAh

Battery : Lithium Polymer

Price :
300 lumen version : $40
314 lumens version : $45

Includes :
Micro-USB cable
White Carry bag that also diffuses the light - I lost it a long time ago.

Materials : Plastic

LEDS : 1 center, 6 red - I could find no mention of what the LEDS are.

Modes :
High - 300 lumens - 5 hours of run time
Medium - 75 lumens - 20 hours run time
Low - 15 - 110hours of run time
Red - 18 - Push and hold for red mode - 27 hours run time

Measurements : 3.86” x 7.92”

Weight : 11.9oz

Recharge Time : 3.5 hours from dead

Impact resistant and weather resistant - IPX-4 which protects against splashing
Impact resistant to 3ft

Power indicator : Green and Red - Light turns red when there is 2 hours remaining on high.
Forward :
At least 2 years ago, a viewer sent this lantern in and I have been using it ever since.

I’ve mentioned that there are two versions of this lantern, the 300rl and the 314; the 314 model is the latest from Nite Ize and has replaced the 300RL officially. With that being said, you can still find the 300RL for sale and since I receive so many questions about it I’m here with the review.

Both versions of this lantern appear to be exactly the same as far as features go.
Review Pros :
After using this product for years I can easily tell you that it has been an excellent lantern.

Battery life has been very good and easily covers my needs for multi day adventures when I don’t mind bringing a luxury item.

Produces plenty of light to see around a picnic table or inside of a tent.

Easy to Operate

Good size

Red light is useful - I often use it when turning in at night;

Battery retains a charge for a long period of time.

Fairly Lightweight

Large button is easy to activate but not too easy - can be activated even with gloves on

Can be used to juice up a device but the capacity isn’t all that large.
Review Cons :

No lockout function - the power button is large and it is possible to activate it when in your bag.

Fairly expensive; you can get lanterns for far less that offer more lumens.

Battery is non removable - if you have an issue, it can’t be replaced.

No USB C port - uses out dating MicroUSB

The biggest con that I have with this lantern are the potential issues that one may have with it. No, I haven’t had any issues but the net is FULL of reports of people who have had a wide range of issues. I’ve seen countless reports of these lanterns ceasing to work, falling apart and units that won’t hold a charge.
Interesting :
While getting the details together for this review, I discovered that there are relabel versions of this Lantern. In fact, LL Bean has their very own version; the 300 Trailblazer ($50).

Summary :
While this lantern has performed extremely well for me over the years I do have a hard time recommending it based on the high amount of issues and problems that I have seen for every model that Nite Ize makes. For every positive review there have got to be at least 2 negatives.

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