Monday, July 25, 2022

Before You Buy - Alps Mountaineering Trail Tipi 2 Tent - How To Set Up t...

'Before you Buy' a tent, you need to be aware of the setup process; how easy or how complex it is.  In this episode, Luke is going over every single step involving the Alps Mountaineering Trail Tipi 2.
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Alps Mountaineering Tipi 2P Tent 

What it is : This is a tipi style trekking pole tent from the company known as Alps Mountaineering.  I’m a huge fan of this style of tents, they are a bit uncommon so when I hear that a new one has hit the market, I make sure to check them out.  That’s why we are here today.

Alps Mountaineering is a budget oriented camping gear company; my experiences with the company have been good, not great over the years.  Fair quality, there can be problems from time to time with leaking.


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