Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Breaking News - Coleman Launches a Premium Line of Tents and They Are EX...

In this episode of Outdoor News, Luke is discussing the brand new PREMIUM line of Coleman products which includes numerous tent models and a stove.

This is pretty wild folks....I'm SHOCKED at how expensive these tents are!
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Coleman Introduces a Premium Line of Tents - Outdoor News 

Recently I was contacted by an individual named Robert and he was asking my opinion about the Coleman Peak1 series of outdoor products; I had to respond honestly in that I wasn’t aware of this series but I would look into it.

— That’s what I did and I was a bit surprised at what I found! —

Before I speak of the surprises and my thoughts on these new products, lets go over the press release that I found online;


Focusing on the tent shelters that the company has released, 

1 Person Backpacking - $230 - 4lbs 12.6oz
2 Person Backpacking - $270 - 6lbs 1oz
3 Person Backpacking - $300 - 7lbs 8.7oz
4 Person Dome - $440 - 12lbs 15.1oz 
6 Person Dome - $550 - 15lbs 8.7oz

There are a few points which really surprised me while looking over the details concerning these tents and they are as follows;

low waterproof rating - only 2000mm HSHR
large storage size - the company doesn’t state the storage size information but they do have a picture of the tent attached to the outside of a backpack and it looks very large
heavy - Coleman states in their own marketing material that the backpacking tents are ultralight and that isn’t true.
lack of information concerning the materials used - they state that aluminum poles are used but don’t state the main materials - I suspect they are polyester based on the stated weight
price is higher than what I expected considering the available stats - for a polyester material at this weight that’s expensive.
Very few images of the tents on the Coleman site. One picture of the outside of the tent, no pictures of the inner tent.
Coleman states that the tents have a 2,000mm HSHR which is on the low side.

Coleman also states that the tents are capable of handing 45mph winds.

Footprints are included

Tents look to have a lot of mesh which is an uncommon feature for Coleman tents in general.  Breathability and airflow should be excellent with these shelters.

What Do You Think : 
What do you think of this new line of premium shelters from Coleman?  Do the prices surprise you?  

For me, the prices are a bit shocking especially when you compare to similar shelters; 

The Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 2 is over $100 less expensive.  
The NatureHike Mongar 2 is around $100 less expensive, is 2 pounds lighter and features double the waterproof rating.

Coming Up : 
Coming up in the future I will get in at least one of these tents to see how well it performs and together we will see whether or not these tents are worth the rather high price-tag.
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