Thursday, July 21, 2022

I Found the MOST Comfortable Sleeping Pad - Sea to Summit Ether Light XT...

When it comes to comfort, this is the absolute best Sleeping Pad that I have EVER USED!  It's incredible!

But, is it worth you hard-earned money especially when the economy is in shambles? 

Find out now! 
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Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Extreme Cold-Weather Insulated Air Mattress

What it is : This is an ultra thick insulated sleeping pad from the company known as Sea to Summit; when it comes to sleeping pads, this is a company that has an equally good reputation to that of Thermarest.

Colors : Black with Orange accents and white text 

Versions : This is the tapered regular size, there is always a tapered large and a rectangular regular and Rectangular large.

Measurements Stored : 9.5” long x 7” wide 

Measurements Inflated : 72” x 21.5” x 4” 

R-Value : 6.2 thanks to the Thermolite Insulation and heat reflective material

Materials : 30D and 40D nylon fabrics 

Weight : 1.7lbs with the storage bag and repair kit

Price : $200

Multi-Function valve 
AirStream Inflation sack 
air sprung cell sleeping pads support your body weight with hundreds of individually air-filled springs.
Antimicrobial treatment to prevent internal mold growth
PillowLock system prevents Sea to Summit Aeros pillows from slipping
Includes a repair kit and 6 adhesive patches and a spare valve insert

My testing with this product : 
I used this product throughout the winter and the coldest that I used it at was around 0F.  At that temp, with an adequate sleeping bag I found this pad to be incredibly comfortable.

Tip : to maximize to the R-value of a sleeping pad, it needs to be fully inflated - this is going to pull all of the materials including the insulation taught, thus getting them closer to your body so you can receive all of the benefits of those materials.  Because of pad is fully inflated, it is going to be firmer.  I’ve heard of people complaining about sleeping pads being cold and not as warm as a company claims and yet it is their fault that the pad wasn’t as warm as it could be.

Review Pros :
Excellent quality product
No issues with warmth at all - Extremely warm sleeping pad - I used this down to 0 but I have heard of others using this down to -20 and still remained toasty warm.
Comfortable?  Without a doubt! This pad is 4” thick and design allows for any way of sleeping that you may want to do.  Back, side or stomach. 
Very stable thanks to the AirSprung Cells 
Baffles on the side of the pad work incredibly well for keeping you on the pad - very smart technology and design
Adjustable valve 
Easy to inflate but does take some time due to the size and thickness of the pad
No issues with slipping 
Very durable - no issue inside of a tent or even outside on the ground 

Review Cons :

Some noise when moving around - I’ve never found this to be a problem with this pad or even with the Thermarest Xtherm but for those who are light sleepers, it is something to take note of. Insulated sleeping pads will tend to be more noisy. This is what most people will complain about when using this pad. 
Somewhat large size but it is a high R value insulated pad so it is justified. This is my biggest issue with this pad - it’s large!
Somewhat heavy 

Summary :

All in all I really like this sleeping pad and for really cold conditions this is certainly my go to pad.  If I was focusing more on going lightweight, I would still have to grab the Thermarest Xtherm though as there is a noticeable difference between the two pads.

Speaking of which, if size and weight is a priority over comfort in addition to a high r-value, I would recommend checking out the Thermarest Xtherm but it is at least $30 more expensive. 

To summarize, I have been very impressed with this Sea to Summit pad; it is pricey but a high r-valve sleeping pad is going to be; many similarly rated pads are more expensive than this one. 

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