Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Never Seen One of These Before - US Firefighters Forestry Service and Mi...

Now everyone, this is an interesting sleeping bag!
Made for the US Forestry Service for Firefighters in the 1980's, this is a bag that was based upon a military design which ultimately became known as the Modular Sleep System (MSS).
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U.S. Firefighters Forestry Service Cold Weather Sleeping Bag 

What it is : Manufactured for the U.S. Firefighters Forestry Service by Tennier Industries, this is what we call a tapered style sleeping bag with a mummy hood.  This shape gives you the ability to open it up fully with its wrap around zipper to use as a blanket and allow extra room if needed.   It was designed to keep firefighters warm in a variety of temperatures during field fire operations and is also reversible to yellow for safety visibility.  Tennier uses Clo Values and it is estimated this bag to be about 30 degrees.  The manufacturing of the sleeping bag is to military standards and stitched in a way to prevent the migration of the insulations keeping the bag free of cold spots. This sleeping bag is definitely enough to keep you warm and comfortable on your next adventure and serve you during disasters. 

Temp Rating : 30F comfort - 20F push

Insulation Type : Polyester Synthetic Fill
Nylon Fabric 
YKK zippers 

Colors : Forest Green and Neon Yellow - not olive drab  

Price : $40 - $50

Weight : 4lbs

Shape : Rectangular with Mummy Hood

Manufacturer : Tennier Industries

Made to military specifications, materials and stitching
Unfolds like a blanket for warmer conditions 
Reversible - green or yellow sides 
Made to prevent cold spots
Venting wrap around zipper
Intermediate cold weather
Color: Green / yellow reversible
NSN 8465-01-119-5562


I’ve mentioned already that this sleeping bag was built to military specifications and it features a NSN numbers; that stands for NATO Stock Number or National Stove Number - is a 13-digit numeric code, identifying all the 'standardized material items of supply' as they have been recognized by all NATO countries.

What’s the military connection? 

Back in the early 80’s, this bag was adopted by the US Forestry Service - in 1981 it was adopted by the US military and was entered into the NSN federal catalog.  

This sleeping bag is from 1980 and if you can locate the military specific version, it obviously doesn’t feature the same colors but the overall design is the same. 

Some sellers will confuse the military version of this bag with the intermediate bag from the MSS; that isn’t correct.  They are different bags. 

TheSportsmansGuide is a good example of this; that site….half of what they state about their products is flat out wrong.  

They are selling this bag from $130 and that’s crazy high for what this bag is. 

Again, this is not the intermediate bag from the MSS, it doesn’t have the snaps needed to connect to the military system. 
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