Tuesday, July 12, 2022

This is REALLY IMPRESSIVE! Decathlon Quechua NonStick 4 Person 24 Piece ...

Up for review today is the Decathlon Quechua NonStick Stainless Steel 4 Person 24 Piece Camp Cookset and when it comes to value, there isn't much on the market which can rival what it offers.

This is impressive!

The review begins now!
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Decathlon Quechua Non-Stick Stainless Steel 4-Person 24-Piece Camp Cookset

What it is : This is Decathlon's largest cookset that they offer and it is composed of 24 pieces in a 3.5L system. As you are about to see, this is a rather smart system here and the price, is excellent.

Who is Decathlon : In the US, this is a company that isn’t all that well know but outside of the country, it is a major name within the outdoor industry.  In fact, it is the largest sporting goods retailer in the world! 

Decathlon is a French Sporting Good retailer; they have over 1697 stores in 60 countries. 

Versions : Decathlon offers a number of different cook sets; each varying in size greatly and components greatly.  

There is a 2 person 2.1L kit, a 4 person 2.6L kit, a 1.6L 2 person kit, a 1.1L 1 person kit and so on.

Measurement of Kit : 9.1” x 6.5”

304 stainless steel - doesn’t oxidize and prevents corrosion.

Double aluminum layer base - this diffuses the heat and increases heating efficiency, reducing the amount of gas needed to cook.

Polyamide cutlery 
Polypropylene plates and cuts - BPA Free Plastics
Silicone heat mat

Storage Bag
2.5L Pot
1L Skillet
4 cups
4 bowl plates
4 sets of cutlery (3 pieces each)
Strainer lid 
Rubber heat resistant coaster 

Weight : 3.6lbs

Cost : $60

Review Pros :
This is a very smartly designed kit; the way that it goes together is very clever. 
For what you receive with this kit, the overall size is quite small.
Price is excellent for this kit - I’ve seen plenty of kits that include less that costs more.
High quality - for the money I would expect much less. 
Non-stick pots
Aluminum core pots help with excellent heat distribution 
Cleans up nicely
Sturdy cutlery- 
Durability has been excellent - I’ve had this kit for almost a year and it looks almost brand new - there is some discoloration on the bottom due to heat but that is to be expected.

Aluminum Cores : Just in case you don’t know, cookware can be made in numerous ways, for an example, it can be solid, single layer stainless steel or it can be multi-ply.  Often called encapsulated cookware - 

This is a multi-ply cookset as it features an aluminum center core in the bottom; aluminum is highly conductive and evenly distributes heat.  Much better than stainless steel or copper.

The rubber hand grips on the size of the 2.5L pot need your attention; be aware of them and make sure to extend them before use - they could melt if you don’t raise them.

Cups are a bit weird in terms of shape and it is awkward to drink from them - you have to turn them a certain way to drink from them or the contents will spill out.

Some of the Colors are weird 

Summary :
In my opinion, this is an awesome kit and for the money I’m more than impressed by it.  It’s well thought out, is self contained and for an overland set, car camping or a set in a cabin, this is perfect.

Funny story, the first time that I used this kit, a friend and I were about to fire up the stove and get dinner going. I grab this kit, start pulling out the components and my buddy says to me, just how much **** is inside of that pot?  Lol  This buddy was in the Marines and his language is colorful….always! Lol He’s a lot of fun to take to parties….watching the expressions of the people he talks to is priceless….most are accustomed to hearing such language. Lol 

It’s not complete in my opinion as you will need a few other utensils to cook with but it’s an excellent start if you are looking for a system like this. 

It’s too heavy to use as far as backpacking goes….or at least, that is the case for myself. 
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